Tutorial I wrote in 2006: GH 3-part, Cal-Mag+, Liquid Karma

I wrote this article in 2006 for Cannabisdot… It was lost for the past 2 or 3 years, and suddenly, I find it posted as a sticky, once again @ Cdot. I hope you enjoy the read, and I reserve the right to change my mind on anything I got wrong back then. This is a great tutorial for all growers using H 3-part.

				After experimenting for 2 years with Advanced Nutrients/additives...

Botanicare Pure blend Pro/additives…and GH3-part/additives.

I fond this formula works and yields the best; And leaves the roots healthy throughout grow. Goodluck

This should answer a lot of question’s you newb’s have, and It should save you some money in the longrun.

Since a lot of you get caught up in the Lucas Method. I found this to
yield more. However if you have space limitations, just remove the Grow
from the formula for smaller plants/yield

START>>>Here is a higher yielding alternative to cut and dried lucas method…

Use grow part in veg 1-1-1 and create high yield bushes=less plants=less trouble, same yield overall.

In flower…use squewed 3-part

.25-1-2 for 1st 4 weeks

weeks 4/5 revert to lucas 0-1-2. Cutting the nitrogen back.

High yield philosphy…Grow bigger, but less…

From 35 gallon rez I dip a 5g bucket and add nutes. I have a turkey
baster syringe that sucks up exactly 40 ml if you fill it, So that works

5 gallon formula…convert as necessary…

Starting with reverse-osmosis water



8ml per gallon


Veg 1-1-1 = 40-40-40

Flower .25-1-2 = 10-40-80

Finish 0-1-2 = 0-40-80


add calmag+/3-5ml per gallon **ph5.8 water for topoff’s in between nute change… I do not use calmag in nute change solution.

So. I am doing what you are doing except I don’t use carboload, I use
Liquid Karma/or Seablast/ or some type of Vit-b and sparingly (this
stuff cause all kinds of foliage. (Especially under-foliage and I find
the too much under growth can causes airflow, and pest problems)

Use LK/Vit-b as I do Calmag+ for topoffs’s in between nute change.
Alternate topoff solutions each cycle; switching out LiquidKarma for
Calmag+ every other week in between your weekly nute change (every 7-10

Example: 3-part, topoff CM+, nute change 3-part, topoff LK, nute change 3-part, topoff CM+…etc, etc.

hope this makes sense.

Flower stage:

Start off with all 3 parts

same value=8ml x’s 5 G’s=40ml=1 part

Campared to lucas 0-1-2/0-40-80 for flower…

Use .25-1-2/15-40-80 per 5 gallons. You get more mass using the nitrogen at this stage.

It is safe to say this is close to the Advanced Nutrients values, but I simplifiied the recipe by going to GH/lucas values

Actually, they are General Hydroponincs values…right off the bottle. tweak as you need.

In week *4/5 flower. I switch to 0-40-80, and continue alternating
CM+/LK topoff process. I topoff at least every other day. this is PK
boost time for 8 week finish, I just use clean 0-40-80 until PK
transition. so for 9-12 week finish you would hold off on PK/Overdrive,

Use Overdrive, or high pk formula for a week or 2 prior to final flush.

Flush w/Florakleen.

*week 4/5 of flower. drop ph to 5.4 to make PK nutes more available to
plants. increase the ph each week .1… i.e. wk4-ph5.4, wk5 ph5.5, wk6
ph5.6, wk7 ph5.7, wk 8 5.8 finish…Again; If you require longer
finishing time, You hold off on this ph transition.

**most of the time, calmag+/LK will buffer the water’s ph and you don’t have to adjust.

AND; There could be mistakes :slight_smile:


Latewood. Hi, dude, sup.

I’m getting ready to put some plants in hydro now that it seems I’ve gotten the big quirks out of my enclosure and equip. And, yeah, we’ve finally got 2 lovely lassses going into week 4 of flower. Both are def females although 1 plant is flowering much faster than the other. Here’s a pic or 2 of where those first plants have gotten to. Maybe you can tell me why the larger plant isn’t blooming faster if you can make out the pics of its bud sites.

What I’m putting into DWC is 2 clones from each of the plants in flower. I’ve lost the genetics on them. I’m really happy with the nuggs developing on the smaller plant. Lots of primo velvety leaf and resin building up quick on it. Besides the clones I’ve sprouted a Super Skunk, a Jamaican Pearl, a W.W. & Big Bud cross and a Florida Lemon. Here’s a pic or 2 of where those first plants have gotten to. Maybe you can tell me why the larger plant isn’t blooming faster if you can make out the pics of its bud sites.

My primary question, though, before I get far afield. Using the ILGM nutes what’s a good mix for the initial DWC solution? I had like 80 - 100 ppm of Flower Boost in mind but I sure don’t want to overload the sprouts as their roots start dropping roots into the solution this week.

Peace and good toking, bro.

A ppm of 1000 or more is generally used for a flowering plants. I used to use 1500ppm, but I found happier plant using 1000-1200ppm

90-100 ppm for a flowering plant will leave it in bad shape fairly soon. :slight_smile:

Hey there latewood,I wanted to ask you since I will be trying dwc after my soil grow is done and was gonna try the lucas method but see yours seems to be just as easy to follow and gets a bigger yield, what exactly is LK/Vit-b, and is there a brand you recommend?

It took me a few times of reading it but I see now that LK is liquid karma so I guess I answered my own question

You had me for a minute :slight_smile: I think LK would be Liquid Karma, and Vit-B would be a B supplement. I did not mention that. Not a bad thing to go with a B-vit.

Most of growing ios to settle on a nutrient schedule that is simple and allows you to learn to grow successfully without issue.

If you want to follow Lucas, or My method; You need to buy General Hydroponics 3-part. Get a 16 oz. grow, and a qurat of Micro and Bloom. Also Buy Cal Mag +

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@latewood thank you this is a great read👍