Can I get advice on using flora series 3 part nutrient system

What do you think about the flora nutrient 3 part system. I’m starting early veg stage and I’m thinking about using this system. Can you give me some advice on how to use it. I see online they recommend using all 3 from veg to flower. Do you agree.

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Hey buddy, I’m currently using both Fox Farms nutrients and just started with GH Flora nutrients about a month ago.

I love the GH Flora line already! I was thrown off at first too, when it says to use all three in vegetative growth, but it’s definitely the way to do it. In 2 clones I’m using FF nutrients, and in one clone I’m using GH Flora nutrients. The GH clone is easier to balance pH and the water stays clear (I’m using 5 gallon DWC buckets, hydro grow).

How old is your seedling? Because for me, I followed the feeding directions exactly, and my clone hasnt shown any signs of nutrient burn, or any deficiencies. She looks great! So I would recommend following the exact feeding schedule. I did full strength as recommended, but if you’re new with it I would recommend using 1/2 of what is recommended for the first feeding, you can always add more later.

After your first week of using the nutrients you should be able to see how she responds. Depending on the response, I would say to go to full strength nutrient feeding. We’ll see when we get there :v: Hope this helps you out!


And I know @latewood has used the GH Flora line with great success. Maybe he could give some better advice?

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@fella1451 i have not used this set of 3 part formula .But have used other’s and yes you would use all 3 parts although your grow , But in different ratio’s . @latewood has how ever has used their 3 part grow ,micro, bloom .formula . and has a great knowledge in them . ive added his handle here ,so iam sure he’ll chime in . hang tite .Hammer ill mark as watching in the mean time .:grin:


I use it, it’s very simple just follow the label for your particular growth phase

… it’s very easy to use & relatively inexpensive and don’t forget NASA uses it so we know it’s legit …right?


This should answer a lot of question’s you have, and It should save you some money in the longrun.

Based off theLucas Method that I modified to yield more. However if you have space limitations, just remove the Grow from the formula for smaller plants/yield

Here is a higher yielding alternative to cut and dried lucas method.

Fill a 5gal bucket and add nutes. I have a turkey baster syringe that sucks up exactly 40 ml if you fill it, So that works perfectly.

5 gallon formula*…convert as necessary…

Starting with reverse-osmosis water

Formual Values:
8ml per gallon

Step one:Veg 1-1-1 = 40-40-40*

Step 2:Flower .25-1-2 = 10-40-80*

Step 3: Finish 0-1-2 = 0-40-80*

  • Most 5 gallon DWC buckets only hold 4 gallons. 40ml becomes 32ml i.e reduce strength by 20%

Step 1: Veg:40-40-40 and additves.

add calmag+/ 3-5ml per gallon **ph5.8 water for topoff’s in between nute change… I do not use calmag in nute change solution.

Step 2: Flower stage: Start off with all 3 parts

(Lucas Method:0-1-2 / 0-40-80 for flower).
Use this insteasd:
Use .25-1-2/15-40-80 per 5 gallons. You get more mass using the nitrogen at this stage.

It is safe to say this is close to the Advanced Nutrients values, but I simplifiied the recipe by going to GH/lucas values Actually, they are General Hydroponincs values…right off the bottle. tweak as you need.

Step 3: Late flower finish: In week *4/5 flower. I switch to lucas Method values, 0-40-80, and continue totopoff at least every other day. PK boosters can be used after week 5 to finish, I just use clean 0-40-80 until PK booster. so for 9-12 week finish you would hold off on PK/ Overdrive, whatever…
Use Overdrive, or high pk formula for a week or 2 prior to final flush.

Flush w/Florakleen.

*week 4/5 of flower. drop ph to 5.4 to make PK nutes more available to plants. increase the ph each week .1… i.e. wk4-ph5.4, ___wk5 ph5.5,wk6 ph5.6, wk7 ph5.7,___wk 8 5.8 to finish.

If you require longer finishing time, You hold off on this ph transition. This forces the plant to use up more storwed Nitrrogen.
**most of the time, calmag+ will buffer the water’s ph and you don’t have to adjust.

So that is my take…I don’t even right it down anymore. Let me know if you have any questions. lw :slight_smile:


@ latewood, Do i ph water before adding nutrients or ph water after adding nuts.

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I always adjust PH after. This way; If the Nutrient has a buffer, or an additive has a buffer agent; You don’t have to adjust as much. :slight_smile:

I also wanted to tell you to read the directions on the bottle. The label states you can use as little as 5ml per gallon each part up to 8 ml per gallon. Think about it. You can insert 5ml for 8ml in the formula I gave you. This might be a better option for you in veg. Watch the plants. You can tell if they are healthy. Happy growing.

What available the simplest way to use this brand. I usually use bio biz but shop got the order wrong and I had to go with them. Do I still ph in soil. Using tropic batmix. Sorry for all the ??? Still dialing it in.Cheers mate :v:

If you read this topic, it explains the way to use it. If you want to be as simple as possible; Use 1-1-1 which means equal parts of each as directed on the bottle per gallon all the way through grow.

You always PH C’mon :wink:

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I was taught that if growing in soil that there is no need to ph as the soil does that. Thnx for the reply :v:ps this only my second one still new and trying to learn. :v:

Hey guys, I am about to start growing Big Bud Autos and I need help using the flora nutrient trio on them. Please help me out with a feeding schedule and do’s and dont’s. I am growing in a 4x4x7 grow tent with a 600 watt Led light. The soil im using is composed of top soil, chicken manure and partially decomposed rice hull.

Well my friend; You were taught wrong. :slight_smile:
PH is is 1st and number one priority or you cannot achieve maximum yield or guarantee a healthy grow. That mt friend is a 2 facts.

Look up my GH 3 part tutorial in “GrowFAQs”

Cheers mate. Thank you for getting back to me. I now test my PH EVERY
WATERING. Whatever media I’m using. Once again, thanks for the reply.

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No worries. Glad to help

Definitely about to use this formula. Are they listed;
micro-grow-flower(as mixed)
or grow-micro-flower(as on the bottle)?
Also, can this be used for coco? Of course adjusting the pH for coco.
If I want a lower ec/ppm, just cut with water?
Can I use my tap water? Ppm is 52-61

Thanks in advance!

I grow in Pro-Mix which is about the same as coco and use GH nutes for it very successfully.
Cutting with water will lower PPM / EC. Remember to check pH when done. Tap is ~7.0 pH.
Tap water is fine if you have well water. If city water, make sure and set it out and let chlorine, (from chlorinated water), dissipate out of the water. RO water avoids this entirely and is not that expensive to set up.
Remember to factor in the PPM of the water when adding nutrients by subtracting the 52-61 ppm you started with.