When to add nutrients to hydro

How do u all us bloom/gro/micro?

Right now I’m at an all three for the entire life cycle of the grow because that’s what the website said for the brand of nutrients that I use. What is the right way to do it for what we are all trying to do ?

I wouldn’t use bloom until you are into the flower cycle. When in veg I wouod use just the micro and grow. What brand are you using?


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Read this and get back to me.

MacGuyver_Stoner and I have used 3 part extensively, so you can consider us experts on this topiuc. You came to the right place.

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Disregard what I said, I would go with what latewood says

GH Hydro. Adv nutrients adds as well

Here is a list of what I use. Comments and criticisms Welcome. I have adjusted my feeding numbers based on that chart that was linked above

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I should mention this is for 5gallon dwc

nice spread sheet, i dont know if what you are doing is correct or not just appreciating the spreadsheet

Thx! Still trying to figure this all out lol.


I’m only gonn say this criticism welcome from, what i now understand the nutes aren’t really the big deal here its gonna be far more important that u use have a good grow system and that your personal skills develop because this entire nute vs nute thing is ridiculous most brands use the same basic elements micro nutrients and so on and so fourth I’m sure some of them are better then other that’s why i use organic nutes every week full flush new water new nutes I’m wasting some I’m sure but you know my girls never start never get nute lockout due to ph its far better to invest in your education and lights and a good systems then to waste our time talking about what nutes are the best honestly no nute plans are perfevt u need a ec and ph meter to adjust nutes if u don’t have that then your just working backwards right please let me know if yall think this is crazy or not

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