Tupar gold and Dr Earth

I saw a guide that seemed straight forward for my 1st grow so I Ordered Tupar Gold and mixed it in with some Dr earth im supposed to top dress at week 3 and beyond… Im confused about this soil. Its not supposed to go dry or the organic in side will quickly die? and lately ive been keeping it medium wet for my seedlings to pop up and Ive been getting gnats. Im not sure whats right here since i was barly watering with a spray bottle. I plan to use mosquito bites and traps and hopefully ill be fine, but about my soil, when overwet does it rott and die out?? how long without water will cause the soil to because useless? my closet gets dry with the heater on which drys out the soil, i can use a humidifier but I need a sensor with a switch because it goes over 80% and i think that brings on the gnats too.

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Are you doing a living soil or just organic? If you are doing a living soil with microbes and enzymes and myco you want to water a little more frequently so that the doil doesnt become bone dry in between waterings. I kinda use what i have at the time as far as soil mediums go (i dont always do living or 100% organic soil, as per availability). You shouldnt keep it overly wet either though or other problems may arise.

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Is this the medium?

Are you instructed to use a specific ph when watering / feeding? On some sites it says “PH balanced” which is meaningless.
I’m reading it to be a soilless high porosity medium which I interpret to mean it is hard to overwater.

What Dr Earth fertilizer are you using?

Are you adding mycorrhizae, bacteria or other organisms to make it a living soil? Your question about dying off and rotting makes me ask the question because it does not appear the product contains any live organisms

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Yes that is my soil in the picture. Im using dr Earth - Veg and bloom and adding worm castings ( also feeding the same way every few weeks). This is my 1st Try. Im really curious how often i should keep it wet? or not… The heat makes the soil dry .