New to soil and needing advice on a couple plants

This is a photo period, I got vegged for 4 weeks, Bruce banner, in a 3x3 tent, with a vivosun 315 CMH, 3100k bulb, Now I just transplanted up into a 7.5 gallon pot from a 3 gal, and watered it in with kangna roots, and mollases , into ammended promix m with Dr earth amendments, and watered in with 1 gallon, and the plants where dropping and severely root bound, now when I watered the roots perked up a bit but not fully , and never did get run off, now there dropping back down,
Now is it possible that I didn’t water enough, and that it’s drinking that much water in a 2 to 3 day period for that size of plant?
I plan on flipping into flower as soon as it recovers

2nd plant

Now this is a auto flower a couple weeks into flower, in a spare 2x4 area, under 2, meanwel 130watts blurple lights, in promix soil amended with Dr earth, I’ve been watering with dechlorinated tap water with, terpinator and golden tree additive, with mollases every other watering, the lower growth is faiding, Now is this normal for this progression of flower?
Also I have noticed some tips burning after last watering, or is it possible pH issues from over feeding?

Sorry for the long post, I just needing some opioions, thanks again guys!!!

It’s gonna take a little bit for the roots to relax especially if they were real bad. 1 gallon of water isn’t enough for 7.5 pot for the initial watering. If it’s been a couple days I would give it another gallon, 1/2 at a time so if you get some runoff you can stop before washing out all the nutrients you just put in it

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Thanks bud,
Kinda what I thought just needed some confirmation