Need help with plants won’t grow

First time grower I’m running 5 autoflower plants in 5 gallon smart pots.
I’m using fox farm ocean forest soil.

Mars hydrow tsw2000 at 55% 24 inches from plants

Everything was going great until I started giving them nutrients. I gave them 3 doses so far Over the last two weeks. Since then growth has stopped on all plants and my GG4 auto is turning real dark green leaves that are super dry

One thing I see right away is there’s a lot of dry soil around the sides when you water especially with food are you watering them completely and to runoff? I ask because roots don’t like to grow into dry soil plus if you don’t go to runoff it won’t be long and you’ll have a build-up of old food


Can you explain runoff. I honestly just fill up one of the vivosun 0.2 liter sprayers and water all 4 until the soil looks moist I’ve never seen any water come out the bottom

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That’s what I mean by runoff the water coming out the bottom it’s really important to water to runoff and get at least 10% runoff and I actually prefer more because what you want to do is wash out any uneaten food from before and replace it with fresh water n food. Are you using a meter to watch the ph?


Alright few more ?, how old from sprout, soil 100 % FFOF? What nutes, Ppm of Nutes going in ? Watering is a tricky thing I’m new, but I go by wieght. Every 3-4 days but water tell run off and test everything.


Those def need a good soaking watering. Those roots are probably puny.


I water my plants every other day or so with 1 1/2 cups of water per gallon of medium. I soak the plants thoroughly every week or so.


That’s pretty close to my routine now, back when I was using salts it wasn’t much different I wouldn’t water to runoff on just water days because I figured you wanted the food left in there but on feeding days (5 gallon pots) I’d start with a half gallon of just water followed by a full gallon of my nutrients solution and got probablya half the three quarters runoff. It wasn’t until I started worrying about the numbers that I started having issues, trying so hard to get the numbers perfect almost made me stop growing because it just wasn’t fun anymore. Luckily I decided to try my hand at organic growing I love growing again it’s easy and reminds me of the old ways of growing out in the woods

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Look i agree with the other people here but i think you want to be careful with nutrients at the moment as ffocean forest is a very hot soil it is loaded with nutrients which should last for at least two to three months you dont want to burn them by over doin it with nutrients


6-8 weeks tops, has been my experience.

But the question about what nutes you’re supplementing with will dictate my answer.

Either way, deep Green is the beginning stages of nitrogen toxicity. So is downward turned leaves (“clawing”). You likely jumped the gun on feeding, at least with regard to whatever your nitrogen containing nutes are. Nothing looks burned or irreparable- but as others said already, definitely time to water so that 10-20% of what you put in runs out the bottom. You want the soil to get fully saturated and the pot to feel heavy.


Thanks for all the help. I’m a new user so only have limited post sorry for the delay on reply.
I’m using the micro flora mix and cal mag
But I left them alone for two days to dry with the intentions of doing what you guys are saying but I woke up today and my girlfriend gave them another blast of 6.2 watering without allowing it to run off I imagine this was in the early am and it is now close to 6pm should I water again allowing drainage or just wait another 2 days or so to water until drainage
The pic where they look good is after 2days of last watering the other where they look dead this am

Lift them, and lift a gallon of water (8.32lbs). Peat mix is pretty light dry.
Poke your finger in the dirt at the edge all the way to the knuckle…if you pull it back and its clean water, if it looks like stink finger…let it dry.

If your gonna water…CalMag and PHd water…like others pointed out …the dark green.

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Give them a good watering as others have stated. I would be putting atleast a half gallon in them and see what happens. What dose did you give with the nutes? How old are the plants? I used ffof for a while and found that around the 4 week mark it was time to start some nutes. You have done a good job so far!

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Just wanted to add that giving them a deep watering encourages those roots to stretch out. As water up top dries, the roots will dig deeper and wider searching for water. Thats why its also important to water on all sides too, as you dont want roots stretching out to one side, and making it weaker on one side. Ive never grown mj in soil, but this is true for just about any plant.

Your plants look great by the way

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October 3 is when they sprouted and here is feeding schedule

Update this am didn’t water. Last training today ? 1 gallon water Tommorow any thoughts

Lst training

As others have mentioned I would back off the nutes for a while and just give ph water. You can lst right into the end of the flowering stretch