TS600 Chinese Knock Offs Hot!

Greetings. I use CFL’s to grow. (Phillips 23w) Went to TS600’s and had nothing but problems. Went with these knock offs that have dimmer but man they get hot. Unable to keep hand on backplate for 10 seconds. This in turn is causing the temps to scream in my tent. And it’s only spring. My small tent have seen temps to 98 yesterday. Any suggestions? Since adding the LED’s the plants are responding well.


Locate the driver outside of your grow area. I do so using 16 gauge wire on 240 watt fixtures. I locate my drivers just outside of my tent and it helps quite a bit.

I have a small clip fan that blows across them when they are operating. Probably not necessary as they are designed to operate at these temps, but it can’t hurt.


Great idea, but LED back plate is hotter than driver fins.


Because the backplate is acting as the heatsink for the driver.


That sounds right :point_up: because LEDs shouldn’t be hot unless overpowered. Putting the driver remote should work as suggested
Unless some light companies run the lamps so hard they’re short-lived - somebody will chime in. I dunno I just have a burple and lamps similar to yours 2700k 67% and 5000k what’s your CFL specs just curious


I happen to have the Mars hydro SP 3000 which is made to have the ballast removed so it doesn’t heat up my tent.


You get what you pay for.


Philips LED 433557 6500-Kelvin 23W 100W equ. Been through 2 crops with CFL’s and they work for me.

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Yes I do!

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Ok I thought maybe you added another spectrum 4000k or something. Also using 100w equivelant bulbs but LED cuz the 3-pack was on sale and if I dont like it they can be house/garage bulbs… been saying that 2 years.
Tent and blurple were free, got more than I paid for.

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Drivers are mounted on 1/4 " plastic standoffs. 130 seems to too hot.

Seems about right. Any light will get warm

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  1. unless its calibrated those heat guns are a gimmick, but may provide a way to know when any changes made make a “measurable” difference.
  2. you want to add a heatsink w/ fins using a TIM (thermal interface material) to take up the space of uneven surface on the PS. Don’t use thermal grease as it would take to much to fill in the gaps.
  3. use a small fan to blow across the heatsink.
  4. raising the PS up off the cooling plate will cause it to operate too hot and may cause issues, ie shutdown or become broken
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Will the newer LED (brand name) still have same temps?

Checked with a mechanical water meter and was right on. Just wondering why I couldnt leave hand on unit… fire is a major concern, considering they are knock offs.

We would do better if we knew what kind of goal you had for growing.
Are you just wanting to hobby grow for fun?
How much would you like to produce from your grow space?
What are your concerns? Cost? Quality? Smell? Legal Issues? Or ???

I get sciatic pain reduction. Being a vet I get NO help from VA. Goal is high THC. I have enough room for 16 plants. One bloom, one seedling veg. I am getting good at butter infusion, which opens doors to thousands of possibilities.

Quality over quantity, as long as I get something for my time.
Cost is a major obstacle as I am on a fixed budget. But if I have to pull the trigger on quality lighting, so be it. Love the smell and not a problem where I live.

This forum is a world of information. And if I could learn a few things along the way would be awesome. Jersey is scheduled to pass a home cultivation bill. Governor is for it.
Concerns… electricity usage, fire hazards.

@Spiney_norman I appreciate your time, thank you very much!


Curious, didn’t see an exhaust fan. My fan hangs directly above my light and sucks the heat right out. My driver gets hot too, I think they all do to an extent.

Yup big tent have a 6 inch taped into ceiling duct.

Little tent fan just free now, but does sit perfectly in ceiling exhaust port.

Pulled out of duct for its closeup shot.

What’s the cfm? If it’s a big tent you might need more air exchange. What’s the temp in your lung room?

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