Troubleshooting help needed from experts! 🙏

Hi everybody!!! New grower here. LOL

Can someone help me identify my baby’s issue? I have been trying my hardest to fight my own battle, but somethings so simple for you guys to identify is taking me too long and I am hoping I can fix the new growth before I do further damage.

Too much nutes? Not enough?

Been following fox farm recipe with very VERY small amounts of very much water.

I don’t feel like I am overwatering or underwatering.

Obama OG

Thank you in advance!!!

Hoping these images upload properly. LOL


Slight pinch of calcium deficiency or possibly just to much potassium pulling at calcium reserves since it looks like you have a pinch of nitrogen toxicity too

How much do you water, how often? And feed?

I do it everyday but that for coco coir but for soil its about 1/2-3/4 a gallon every 3-4 days i use jacks 321 nutrients

Agree with @GreenSnek and would mention a possible Magnesium deficiency. Adding epson salt to your feeding routine is a great source for that and sulfur. Keep your run off consistent using the FF nutrients to rinse the salts away from the previous feeding :love_you_gesture:


What medium is the plant growing in? Be specific. eg. fox farm ocean forest or FF happy frog etc. If a blend or mix - describe.
Amount of and what fox farm nutrients.
Feed pH and PPM (i.e. after you mix the nutrients in water what are the numbers)
Same for runoff. After you feed or use plain water what is the runoff’s pH and PPM?
Lastly, what light are you using. Again be specific - brand and model. Settings if any (dimmer). What is its height above the plant.

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Fox farm ocean forest with Organic perlite, with a tiny bit of each of the following: organic chicken manure, organic earthworm castings, organic bonemeal.

I also follow the Foxfarm soil feeding schedule but water it down to a third of the amount they recommend. I water very sparingly once a week with nutes.

Big bloom, grow big, Calmag, boomerang, kangaroo, holy mackerel.

although I have these, I haven’t used any of the following products from Fox Farm though. Including what is not in the fertilizer above which is Tiger bloom, microbe brew, help me help you, open Sesame, beastie bloomz and cha Ching.

I am using 18/4 lighting schedule using Famers set at 75%, with co2, fans and humidifier.

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At first sight I thought it might be light stress. I don’t know Famers light so can’t say. Any chance it is too close - can you feel heat with hand at canopy level?

Generally not a good practice unless using living soils. Without runoff and testing the pH & PPM of the runoff it is hard telling what is going on with the soil. Does it already have enough nutrients in it? Is pH low or high and out of range for proper nutrient uptake.
Do you know the pH & PPM of the water you use and also the nutrient solution mixed?

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PH is 7.0 even though I water with 6.5. As far as PPM, being a new grower, I’m not total understanding PPM.

I thought maybe it was light stress too so I moved the light away from the plant more even though the hand test didn’t feel any different any warmer than outside the lit area.

PPM is parts per million. TDS is also used - total dissolved solids. Both are measures of the amount of minerals and salts (nutrients) in the solution. And in the case of runoff, represents the amount in soil or medium.
The plant’s nutrient needs changes as it goes through its growth stages. This is a chart that shows the basics

FF ocean forest is a nutrient rich soil. Nutrients usually are not needed until around week 6. This depends on the plants growth (rate & size etc) and watering practices. If one does not water to runoff the soil’s nutrients will last longer.
One other chart worth having is nutrient uptake at various pH levels. I like this one from KootMed

I suggest, the next time you need to water only, pH the water to 6.5 and give the plant enough to have 20% runoff. Capture the run off and check its pH and PPM. I elevate my plants on a rack with a tray below for this purpose.
Tag me with the numbers if you do it. I am curious what they are.


First, I would like to thank you for helping!!!

I am totally lost with the parts per million but this is the readings I got.

The pictures uploaded out out of order, but I think you will understand.

PPM is so high! ???

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Great advice from @beardless. Nice work on the run off testing. PH looks great and high on the PPMS. You’re safe to water feed only for several rounds. Keep checking your run off numbers and I start feeding once that dips to around 900 and try and maintain 1000-1100 through the grow :love_you_gesture:


Welcome to the forum.

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