Troubles with Blueberry

First let me say this is an awesome site, lots of knowledge here!! I have purchased seed from 3 reputable seed banks this year { still prefer ILGM }, and so far I can not get a Blueberry seed to pop. After seed from two seed banks did nor germinate I ordered from ILGM. Same story, it has me wondering if all these seed actually come from the same place? In the meantime I have germinated G13, Durban, NL5, Afghan and White Widow > I believe you could set this one in a dark spot beside a glass of water and it would pop. Has anyone else had a problem with this strain ? I have been growing for 55 years and this is the first time I can not get one to germinate. Any ideas welcome.

Well being its winter this topic comes around all too often. When starting seedlings it is ideal to have a dark place but a warm place as well. Its been recommended to place germinating seeds above your cable box or in a cabinet with temps 70+ or throw a heating mat down and towel on top and put them there to maintain proper heat for gerninating


Thanks for the reply but I don’t think environmental factors are the problem. I have a germination box I have used for years .Carefully controlled temps and humidity. I seldom have more than 6 plants so I can pay pretty close attention to the growing conditions. Thanks

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No problem. Only other thing i can think of is that they are just duds. Which ILGM will replace any seeds that dont germinate if you take pictures of the seeds in question and followed their methods to gerninate