Tried to fix yellow leaves, now they're turning brown. Over-fertilized?

Background: I’m a first time grower. Indoors, in pots. About 2 months since they were started from seed.
Last week I noticed that some of the bottom leaves were turning yellow. Based on internet research I figured it was a nitrogen deficiency. So I added some nitrogen about 2 days ago. But now the yellow leaves have brown tips on them and some of the green leaves are starting to get brown tips. Did I over fertilize them? Or does it just take some time for them to recover?
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It’s normal for the bottom leaves to yellow and fall off as the plant matures.

What are you feeding and how much and how often are you feeding? What soil (brand and type) are you using? Are you managing runoff pH and PPM?

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200w (2)


Yup looks like you overdid the feed just a bit. Like @MidwestGuy said, what did you supplement and in what amounts?

It doesn’t look like a devastating error. If anything ur certain she’s ‘full’. I don’t mind a few burnt tips in my grow area. We call it ‘painting their nails’ around here.

If ur worried about it, water only for the next few feeds while she eats what u have provided will be just fine.

Also, like mentioned above, lower older leaves yellow and shrivel. It’s a part of the plants life cycle. She has plenty up near the light and those are less useful as she ages so she lets them go. Now if yellowing begins to spread? You have problems to rectify


What medium are you using Growmie :love_you_gesture:


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