Tricomes not developing

So I’m in week 11 ( should be 8 week)of white widow indoor with a 4x4 tent and mars 3000. I’ve been waiting for the amber stage but I think I’ve done something wrong.
At week 9 I started to let them dry out while in the flower stage thinking I’d harvest soon.Today I checked and rh is 29 temp 81f. The tops are dry to the touch. Did I let the room and plants dry too much

Do any of the small buds just snap? And can you get some closer shots of the buds?

80s F is to high for flowering
Look like you trimming full you plant if I was you I cut and cure is the only option I see

Yep you let them dry out way to much.
Feed them as you should last week with water and pull they will dry out just fine
Lesson learned don’t cut corners.
If your in a hurry for a smoke a hair dryer in around 30-40min from pulling will keep you happy until they dry out

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Did u chop them from pots or let them dry in the pots like the pic. Where are the leaves at on the plant besides the sugar and claw leafs? The leafs are what will make the photosynthesis happen and convert and change the things on the plant. Without leaves nothing will happen proper. It’s like a car. The leaves are the engine of the plant. Without the engine it will go no where fast lol. When u dry a plant u want to try and dry it in 60° temp and 60% rh once it gets to be feeling a bit crisp outside the bud but a bit moist inside I take a branch and trim it and jar it with a hygrometer after 4 to 6 hrs look at the rh on the meter if it is close to 62% rh in the jar without going over I trim it all and jar it and watch the rh of the jars opening and closing as needed. Do t let the buds dry below 58% rh and don’t keep them in a sealed jar too long with rh over 62. Safe good dry and cure zone is 58 to 62% rh. Grove bags are supposed to be killer for curing no burping necessary it does it all on its own. Good luck.


Thanks for all the replies. First mistake I made I think was trimming way too much off(did that week 5) wrong​:pensive: 2nd was way too hot :pensive: strike#2. Luckily it’s still salvageable. The tricomes were all cloudy. Now I will hang them.
Again thanks for the awesome replies.

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I chopped the leaves in week 5 thinking I was saving time . Wrong. Thanks for the tip to leave leaves on. I thought if I clipped them the plant would go tricome crazy.
Again thanks


Nope kinda opposite lol. Ya wanna strip the leaves off at the end like last 2 weeks it gives all the bud site the light to help develope them trics the rest of the way also makes for an easier year down if u strip off the leaves last 2 weeks it basically a cut wash and hang dry then lol. Without the leaves being there it is slowing everything down like the tree hit a wall. Leaves do the sucking up the light and converting everything for the plant. It don’t look like u stripped it too too early. Ut I’m sure if there was a bit more leaf on it she would be a bit perkier. Ya live and ya learn. Next grow will be alot better success for u as u already have ideas of what to and not to do. Stripping leaves helps of don’t at certain times or only to uncover a bud site of the leaf cannot be tucked out of the way.

Ive have a white widow auto that om goin to harvest soon its full of trichomes and ive got some amber already and its in week 8 of flower ,heres mine

The seed i used is from dark wizard genetics

Wow I’m impressed. I want that :grin:Maybe I could ask you for help on this one. I’ve been a bad flower owner. I just put my two mothers in the flowers tent. I’ve let the dry out and want to feed now. But not sure if I should water with cal mag first based on leaves. I’m using general hydroponics flora micro and soil is hp pro. On the left is pink lemonade and right is gods green crack
Thanks for any tips and suggestions