Hello in week nine with white widow. dont want to harvest too early

white widow in week nine but i see no pistols turning to amber, the trichs are kinda milky when i look through the microscope though. should i wait for the pistols to turn amber? this is day 58 in flower on my first grow. sorry but i have no photos

Hard to say without pics

frm wat u have put dwn then wait but try to get foto up it will help peps bless

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Tough to say without photos. The white widows I’ve grown tend to take a bit longer. Mine took around 75 days before they were ready. I’ve found they pack on a lot of trichomes I’m the later weeks.
Also which trichomes are you looking at? I’ve found sometimes the trichomes on the leafs change at a different time than the buds so I like to check the buds to get a better feel for where they are at.


Like @Jmesser80 said you will want to get yourself a magnifying glass or a Jeweler’s loupe preferably between 60 and 100x magnification. Then you’ll want to look at the little sugar leaves on your buds and see what percentage of the trichomes are cloudy & milky all the way to Amber. Each person seems to like their own percentage of Amber trichomes. I shoot from anywhere 20 to 50%. I find the more Amber tends to help my neck and bone pain. Good luck!

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Maybe this will help you


Too early my friend… 9 to 12 weeks flower … :wink:
:v: :sunglasses:

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thank you very muchif you had to wait 75 days, i’m gonna let it go for a little while longer

thank you very much

thank you for that very helpful

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thank you for your help, i will wait

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