Trichomes! One last weekly meal before flush?

I am wondering when to stop feeding her. She is an Auto. End of week 6 of flowering. Still pushing white pistils. Here some samples of trichomes from different colas. I see 70% Cloudy, 30% Clear. Some amber on a couple of pics. Correct me please.

Overall Pic (She had some issues, but will not know since no data for PH or PPM)

Main Cola



Nice plant ! I feel like you’re at that point. Crystals look mostly cloudy with a little bit of Amber. I have noticed some plants will push a few white pistils right up to the end but after drying and curing they also turn Amber.


Yeah, like @kellydans says, you might have some while pistils up to the end. It is usually due to some foxtailing, which is hard to prevent with good lighting. I usually just cut them off. If you are going to slow-roll your PPM down, then now is probably the time to start. If you’re planning on a one-and-done flush, then you can probably feed once more and then do your flush a week from harvest.

My plants usually look like so when I chop. I starve them a bit and force nutrient retrieval during the last week to be from plant material (hence the discoloration.) imo it makes for smoother smoke.


Thanks for your input guys!

I fed her few days ago. Since I usually water every 5 days then she will be in her mid of week 7. I will plan the flush the next watering so :v:

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