Trichomes not turning

I am 77 days into a 52 day strain. Yellowing and dying leaves, hairs orange and curled.
Tri cones still clear. Heat was a problem, staying in high 80’s. Now down in mid to low 70’s.
Could the heat have been my problem ? Or could I have been sold the wrong seeds ? All help appricated.

How much longer should I wait ? What would the damage be if I harvested clear ?

Certainly an unhealthy plant won’t be able to produce as well as a healthy one.

There are many things that can effect the development of your plant, especially during flower. If the plant is done, it is done and not much more will happen. And if all the “hairs” have shriveled, curled and turned orange/brown, then the plant may be in the final throws of senescence.

The biggest thing that will effect how “milky” the trichomes get will be health during flowering and the plant using potassium efficiently and effectively. If you didn’t give it any extra P-K during flowering, this could be part of your problem along with the plant being stressed or unhealthy during this part of its development.

However the trichomes will generally yellow/amber with age, on their own. This has some to do with exposure to light and/or oxygen. But it will happen more prominently if the trichomes were very milky as opposed to clear to begin with.

Something to consider is the strain/cultivar as well. If it is a sativa dominant strain the amber will not come as easily nor be as noticeable, even in a perfectly healthy plant.

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And BTW, no damage harvesting with the plant still being clear, as I said, if it is done, it is done. If all the hairs are shriveled and no new healthy white hairs are showing up, then no new pistils are growing and the plant isn’t doing much. But if you still have a lot of new white hairs showing up, then the “buds” are still putting on weight and “swelling” and things are still growing.

And also keep in mind that the length of time to harvest is just a basic guide, and many people find the need to let their plants go much longer than the estimated days until harvest. There are many factors that will contribute to how your plant develops and ages.

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Thanks MacGyver. Your knowledge is reassuring. This is my second grow. Indoor, hydro, just going through the learning curve . 2x2 closet, nice fat buds, all appearences say 3 to 3 1/2 ozs, just can’t get it to finish as expected. I appricate you taking the time to help.

Is it a 52 day flowering? Because most of them advertise them by the length of time in flower, not total. My AK47 Auto is at like day 82 and we aren’t anywhere near ready yet. She went into flower on the 25th of February.


Super Skunk, claiming to be 52 day flowering. Today is 77 days in flower.


I saw another grower on here say they dont count the two weeks after light switch to 12/12 because it is transition time. Might make you feel more comfortable about the time. Just a thought…


I looked at leafly and they have it at 47 days flowering, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone’s grow in Flowering on here much shorter than 60 days. And a bunch have gone way longer.

Flowering begins when you see buds and not when you flip the switch.

You really want to wait for the THC to form when those trichomes get good and milky. You don’t want to rush them or you will just wind up with weak weed!


All your thoughts and expertise are greatly appricated. The people that make up this forum are great help. Thank you. Happy growing.

Mine took longer than advertised by a few weeks. I think they’re all a bit different and conditions being a factor, the advertised time is more of an estimate (in my mind anyway).


Thanks Matt, in all my research, never read or seen anything about this. Experience is priceless.


One thing to add, and this is why I do not recommend harvesting by the pistil’s. MacG is right fo the most part but, one thing I read from your original question is “heat” issues Heat stress can cause the pistils to turn red as evident sometimes on a finished plant. Due to the heat issues. Your pistils turned early, and therefore would not be a good indicator of the plant being finished. In the end; You have to make a judgement call.

Finish times are only approximate and can vary due to grow methods and other factors. The approximate finish times listed are counted from 1st day of flower. In general, I find that the finish times are always actually longer than the listed finish time. Hope this helps. lw


Thanks for responding, and taking the time to read into it. I tend to agree. Ordered LED light. HPS will be put away for backup purposes. The majority of the yellowing happened directly under the light first. Thanks again.

I have a cola with half the pistols on one side of a flower are red the other side white. The rest of the colas are uniform in color. Weird huh?

Hahaha, yeah. I am learning quickly that nothing about this is uniform.

It’s hotter on the red side I bet. Heat will cause the pistols to turn color.


Was just wondering How you made out? I am currently on day 73 in flower of my super skunk and having the same issue. They look done but no amber trichomes

I seem to have the same issue with my autoflower I have these beautiful buds nice and fat and thick tons and tons of trichomes they look like they’re kind of Milky but none are turning brown and they’ve been in that situation for about two and a half to three weeks I just don’t know what to do do I wait it out

How many weeks has the plant been flowering?