Trichomes look ready, but

Hey all - new grower here. I’m at the end of week 11 with a Northern Lights Auto. When I look at the trichomes through a loupe, I see about 10-15% amber, 10-15% clear and the rest cloudy – although I’m realizing my eye sight ain’t all that great. And my pistils are pretty much 100% orange (but they started changing colors very early on in flowering for whatever reason, so I’m not relying on that factor too much). But other than a couple of yellowing leaves, the plant is looking pretty lively and certainly doesn’t look like it’s dying off (though I’m still feeding). On my first grow last summer (outdoors) I chopped super early - in part because I had some WPM, and in part because I was being impatient. So I really want to make sure I take this one to the finish line if possible.,I’m just not sure where that finish line is! The buds definitely feel dense, but I can’t really see swollen calyxes that I see in other growers’ pre-harvest pics (I even trimmed up one of my buds to try to get a better look). Should I err on the side of waiting for it ripen as much as possible? Maybe I should just push to 30-40% amber and see how it looks? I’m not really looking for a super couch locky buzz, but it won’t bum me out either. Thanks in advance!!




Hello @dobbins52 from my point of view it looks to be ready but I can’t see the trichomes. If your % is right or even close they’re ready for how I like to cut them. If you want a more couch lock high than you could wait but it won’t be long.



@MeEasy has got you covered. I’m thinking the same. Very close.

Nice plant btw. :+1:


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Beautiful plant great job ! I also agree with the :arrow_up:


Thanks everyone!! I guess I’ll get her teed up for chopping this weekend!


That’s the chart I go by

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