Trichome inspection

What is the best time to inspect trichomes?
Right before lights out or right after lights on?
Does it really matter?

Honestly I don’t think it matters as long as you don’t interrupt there light cycle.

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Wood, Mac, what’s your toke on this?

This is the only reason I mentioned something plus I have grown for 6 years sorry for the opinion though. She harvests in 16 days so if she looks like this id guess she may be close, and if it’s more indica dominant the leaves will change colors as the indica reaches it’s maturity (Amber trichomes).

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Yeah, I don’t think it matters as much when you check the trichomes.

Theoretically you might notice more amber if you are checking at the end of the day when the trichomes have been exposed to more light and can be “degraded” more by the light and/or heat. But that amber that was made during that day will still be there, for the most part, the next morning if you check right after the lights come on.

Theoretically, and according to a few studies, resin production seems to peak right before the light would come back on, or right before the dawn outdoors. So this might be the best time to chop them down,before the light can degrade the trichomes. But I don’t think you need to see them at that exact moment. The day before, whatever time you check, when they look milky enough, then you maybe harvest them under a green light right before the lights would normally come on that next day.

Or, for those that believe in it, then you start the 24 to 72 hours of darkness before harvesting. I believe in giving it one full 36 hour period of darkness and so that you’d be harvesting just before the lights come on the morning of the second day after determining the buds were ready.



Thanx for the insight. Great lookin bud btw.

Yea no problem and thanks she’s a little dumb lol she was started to late in the season


Is that outdoors? What part of the world?

Yea, she was started indoor, stayed indoor then, she got moved out door and started flower 1 week later and that was September 2nd. So to be honest id say she is half indoor and half out door I messed her up so I’m gunna try again. And I’m Az in the Us

Hey bud here is a picture I wanted to throw up for you, I had this finish yesterday as you can see the trichomes are mainly milky and Amber coloured


Lookin good. I think it would be difficult for me to do an outdoor grow cuz there’s so much wild weed growin in Kansas. Pollination issues.

You could build up a simple make shift greenhouse to keep the dust and pollen out

Are trichomes produced evenly from the top of the Bud/Cola to the bottom?

Should I check trichomes at the bottom of Bud/Cola when looking for Cloudy/
Amber, are the trichomes at bottom older and thereby more of a tell since
trichomes at the top would possibly always be new and clear ?

The trichomes near the tops will be done first, as they are closer to the light

OK Thanks, I was not sure as I have mostly been checking at the top
since its easier. End of week 9 this Monday and still no Amber at all.
Still waiting for a better Loop as the one I have is very small and hard
to see through the little opening but best I can tell still mostly clear.

Hang in there buddy your close just keep watching might I usually wait for a 70/30 mix with 70% Amber and 30% milky