Trichome development

In time what is the general life span of the trichome?

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interesting question, never thought about it. when its ready its ready & after curing & proper storeage at least a year or more I would say. The effects of the buzz & lenght of the buzz all depend on when in the life of your tricome you harvest it.

A year of storage?

Isnt that the million dollar question some say even under ideal storage it’s 4 years at reducing strength (about 1/4 reduction each year )

So 4 years to go stale

Not quite stale it’s converted to cbd which wont really get you high but can make you more relaxed( not really my schtick I like speedy fun buzzs)

I’m looking for an 80/20 mix. What do you try to harvest at?

100% milky with maybe a couple of specks of amber on the sugar leaves that’s max strength with no slow down

Once you start seeing sign of amber on sugar leafs will it happen fast or we talking over a couple days

Pretty slow your buds will look absolutely covered in frost before it happens

Just a note, THC degrades to CBG not CBD. CBD is produced by the plant similarly to how THC is produced. Changing levels of one doesn’t have a direct effect on the other.

Look at your buds not the sugar leaves for tricomes & timing of harvest.