Trichome color on a CBD plant, how does that work?

I know, I know, why bother growing CBD rich plants? I do have a couple of friends walking the fine line of recovery looking for pain and anxiety relief without so much THC that it makes them question their sobriety, are you treating the pain, or your brain, as the saying goes.

Anyway, on a CBD rich plant, are the clear and opaque trichomes usually associated with THC now just a much lower concentration by design? Is this done by stimulating the trichomes to generate more CBD or is the genetic work done in suppressing the THC altogether? Are the trichomes basically “null” until the end of life when the amber CBD hue fills?

So ultimately you’d want a CBD strain to go well into the amber phase of trichome development as well for maximum effect, correct?

Same as a marijuana bud. Milky will be peak cbd levels.