Transplanting outdoor to indoor

A question from a fellow grower:

Is it possible to start growing outside then after about 6 weeks can they be moved inside with proper lighting? Is there a specific kind of strand I should get to be able to move them indoors? I would plant them once I buy the seeds from you guys so late July. In Minnesota temperatures dip down to the 30’s in September. I’m not sure if thats okay.

Imo the indoor light is far less superior then the sun… No matter what kind of light you use… I would get as strong of a light you can… But with that being said I’m sure the low temps would kill it…I would move it… If it were me…

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I have four flowering inside now that lived outside for two months. They never skipped a beat. I put them under 600w mh on 24/7 lighting, and if anything growth rate increased a bit.

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I grow outside during the summer. And bring them in generally around September 1.
There is a very strong chance of bring in bugs especially mites. Other than that I think its very cost effective. Any time you get temperatures into the fifties and less it stresses the plant and weakens the plants immune system and slows down or even stops growth. In my experience.