Not a good grow inside this time

Temperature was off humidity was off. I really screwed up a few plants. Live and learn! If I start seedlings inside now how late can I wait to put them outside after the weather changes. I’m in the Midwest. I like growing outside. Had 2 last year that were over 9 foot tall. 2 pounds of bud with the other 3 that were smaller.

You can always start plants inside and move them out winter just started but as long as you have light to keep em going until you can move em you will be good to go. Just introduce them to the sun slow so you don’t burn them

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Hard to screw up veg but outside your at the suns schedule not my favorite I like making my own sceduel

But you have enough space to grow monsters outside and I miss that

You can toss them outside at any time, you will need to slowly harden them off before just tossing them outside.
Ensure you have a good russle on them in your indoor grow as they need to be strong or the outdoor wind will destroy them.

I put mine out in the spring when it’s over 12c and I do this Durring the good days for a week or so before leaving them outside for good.

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