Plant outdoors, flower indoors

A question from a fellow grower:

Can I keep my plants outside till the month of July and then bring inside under lights to finish? I want you to know all 10 of my seeds germinated and I sadly want you to know I killed 2 by drowning as my first grow since the 1980’s :frowning: I lost 2 more from the wind breaking the stems, I tried to save them using straws but both died so now I’m down to 6 and they are looking great but I’m now concerned about Helicopter Flyovers as they usually do this in August so was wondering if I could bring my plants inside around August 1 to keep myself from getting caught from the cops? I know this will shock the plants but can I do it safely?

Are you growing in pots? A little info about your specifics goes a long way to provide us with the necessary data to answer you properly.

If you are in pots; Then I would say Yes, you can move them inside, but you best havea lot of indoor light, and a beneficial environment.

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