Outdoors to Indoor experiences

I have an out of control auto. I still have another three or four weeks before i have to make a decision, but as long as i’m going to worry about it, mind as well research.

I’m thinking about bringing it inside. it will probably be 2-4 weeks into flower at that point. i say probably because i feel like it’s been in preflower for an eternity and i declared flower like four weeks ago and it… wasn’t.

I’d put it in a 5x5 tent with two LED pulling 600w from the wall. i’d have to buy all the equipment for it. so. curious to hear people’s experiences with this. i would have to bring it to another house, so there won’t be any time to transition it inside. By end of sept it’ll probably be in the 80s and humid and inside it’ll go to lower 70s and pretty dry.

I’d love to hear people’s experiences with doing this. i suppose there’s no real way to know ultimately how much damage was done.


I do a hybrid grow myself: the plants go out when the sun’s shining and come in when it’s crappy. I also regulate my day that way. It’s a PITA with 6 plants but right now only one!

Frankly; if you were going to go indoors, transition would be the perfect time to do it IMO.


do you think it makes a difference if it’s before flower or in flower? if i do it now, it’s like 105 today… and it’ll go from hot to cold fast. well, it wouldn’t be today anyway, i have to order all the stuff $$.

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Ive gon outdoor to indoor many times. As u know beware of bugs. If u can keep her clean and ur tent sterile then by all means get that free light. But be diligent


that’s half the reason i’d bring it to this other house- plus there’s a storage area there vs getting rid of my dining room table and having it be this giant monolith in the middle of everything. though my indoor grow may be doomed now anyway so it’s not off the list of options…


Aside from the benefits of reduced humidity and temperature control, you’ll also have the opportunity to increase the amount (duration) of light that your autos receive. Last year I grew a Jack Herer auto which didn’t finish until it was nearly the winter solstice. It produced buds and looked decent, but after drying and curing they were relatively larfy and not terribly aromatic. I actually just recently converted all of that bud into oil, because I have plenty of other stuff that tastes great and is properly dense. Regardless, I blame the thinness of the buds on the lack of light outdoors during that timeframe. This year, I have a GG4 auto in the works and I plan to bring it inside as soon as it isn’t too hot (my indoor grows are in a shed, so it’s hotter in there). When I do, I’m moving her to 20/4.

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true. by november it’ll be 10 hours of sun and not direct. i’m mostly worried about not getting enough light but you’re right that the season will probably do that itself.

and if she goes til winter solstice i’ll be a very unhappy camper :slight_smile:

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