Transplanting from Hydroponics to Soil

I just ordered and am considering starting in a small nursery for seedlings, then to a nice hydroponics system where I am currently successfully growing veggies, monitoring ph levels, etc. Then, when they get to a certain size, I am planning to transplant them into soil in fabric pots in a grow tent, where I am also growing tomatoes. Is this a good idea? Will the presence of the other plants in either location disrupt production?

Also, does the bloom time listed with each strain, include up to harvest time, or does that require unspecified additional time? I’m trying to plan a vacation for the holidays and want to schedule accordingly.

Welcome. If i may adk why change from hydro to soil. Hydro is so much better. Yield wise and all. Lol. Sorry just asking

Hydro system is in dining room for food growing and not very stealth. :slight_smile: