Transplanted all, but this is happening now

I am having some problems, 2nd grow, none of them look good, they did, but now they are scaring me. I was happy too just watching the forum, learning from all the advice.i planted in coco coir, and mg perlite. Which says it feeds. After two weeks I started fox farm grow big at 3ml per gal, and a drop of superthrive per gallon. That’s it. I seen a few gnats, which is why I transplanted, used all new coco after I flushed them all. They popped back up good so far, but do I need mag/cal? Some say in coco, n hydro, u will need calmag. I have Epsom salt. Please help me. I’m trying sooo hard!! Thanks to everyone, I get on her every chance I can, till my plants started tripping on me. Now I’m in the closet more than out…:smirk: keep checking on them hourly. Looking for changes.

POpped out the dirt 10/24 & 10/26, they seem stunted compared to others I see on here at the same age. I dont know, but I want to learn so bad. They are bag seeds, maybe that’s why? Thought critters but only found gnats. So I cleaned the whole closet up n down, transplanted everything into new coco&perlite. Flushed them before I transplanted, got advice on this forum to flush and use all new items, so I did. My lights were burning them I think, I moved those up to about 6,8,10.

These I had to use the same pot, for space issues

do that look deficiencies ? they are in same…for now, ordered smart cloth bags. this next one I planted 10/26 in a solo, transplanted yesterday the next 2 were planted in the same pot, but I separated them after flushing & changing the coco! Why are they so much smaller? Could it be that they were in the same pot n could not grow? Idk🤷‍♀️ 15738859806021918964264042230570|231x500 I just dont understand the gray tips curling, then crunching & falling off, so I started cutting the tips(wrong right)? Ph says 7 on all the big ones, one smaller one says 7.5🤔 I just flushed them, will the ph change now? Really thought it was critters, have not seen one yet this far, since I changed everything. Can they be in the soil deeper, bc all of my bottom leaves are drying up after gray spots n tips. Bad? Just throwing seeds in dirt is exciting, but if u r serious, problem become a pain, I’m really hurting, bc what is wrong and what am I doing wrong? Are they dying? Many of you told me the meter tester is no good get a digital, so I will.

Oh I apologize, all my pics are out of order…:smirk:, I dont know how to explain each pic, bc I thought I did it here. Sorry…I love you guys on this forum. Ur honesty is what I love. Thanks again, any advice is appreciated.

Leave the curled tips, no worries about cutting them. They do send emery there when you cut to heal themselves. No big deal tho.

They are curling until the roots settle in which only takes a day or so with an established system. Did you water around the edge of the hole you transplanted the new plant to?

With gnats release lady bugs. Couple hundred for a few bucks on amazon


Oh ok, so it’s not dying?? That is good to hear, I’m kind of thinking that perlite is miracle grow, the leaves that actually touch the dirt, are the ones looking gray and dry. They grew out alot since yesterday, today is watering day…think I will do it later. It’s just a small grow room, but they popped so I decided to plant them. Thanks alot for refreshing my mind, my last was my first, and it did me so wrong. Was afraid to re try. I felt they were growing slow for some reason.

So…what about the critters? Do you think I have a problem? I used neem oil, and now that I cleaned, and transplanted with new dirt(coco & perlite). The neem oil was not working, to me. What’s best?
Check out the pics I just took at 1:40am please… tell me what you think… the cutting, was because the gray tips curling up, seems to be spreading throughout my bottom leaves, but creeping up. Any advice I appreciate… thanks👍

If you have amazon, buy live lady bugs and release them In Your grow. They won’t hurt your plants any they will eat the gnats and small bugs

Hello everyone!!! I am back for now, I had a sitter, and all I can say is my babies are still alive, was back in the hospital…sorry if I could not respond, this time my sickle cell took over!! But I’m home!! After almost a month! Anyhoo…please tell me how all looks, they are growing crazy, now.

Sum are 6weeks Dec1st, and sum are 1 month come Dec 5th. It’s like a forest, are the flowering? I can tell the sex, I just dont know how to look, or what to look for? You guys have helped me, and I used all your advice and passed it to my plant sitter.
Specs(that I kno of)

  1. Bagseed
  2. Germ. 10/24,26 & 11/5/2019
  3. Coco coir, and mg perlite
    (When I got home a few days ago…I had to flush, they looked nute burn and I bought AN calmag, & they sprung back, all but 1, I decided to clone it. It got burned rather quick by the nearby heater. Like 15 sec, thought I had lost it, but the clone kept getting it right.)
  4. low stress trained, and topped
  5. I have ff-grow big, i have AN-sensi calmag+iron& micronutes for coco, i am awaiting my ff-big bloom, i have AN- big bud for later. (Only been feeding the ff-grow big and the cal mag now). Having to feed more often. After it dries completely it needs water 2 to 3 days apart. So I’m feeding every other watering. Like 11/30 I fed grow big & cal mag…lastnight 12/3 I did just tap water and superthrive(0.5-0-0).
  6. Grow closet is 4by8(not too big, I guess)
  7. Lights…well I have a line blue n red strip grow light, a blue/white grow bulb, a red grow bulb, a daylight white long grow bulb, a bright white grow bulb 73watts(lil warm…keeps my heat up), and a red,white,yellow grow bulb. Yep alot of bulbs, still awaiting a square grow light. Been 4wks since I ordered…smh. Anyhoo all working out.

After I figured out the issues…gnats, burned tips, and the nute issues…everything seem to have taken off. I dont know a strain, can i find that out? Take a look yal…all advice as always is welcome. Taken yesterday👇

Those were taken yesterday morning.
These are just moments ago👇 can the sex be read at 6weeks? Dont want to over do it, with the space, but they are getting huge, bushy, and tall. So I switched my lights 2days ago. From 18/6 to 12/12.

I had two plants in the same planner and then I separated them into 10 gallon bag plants planners now they look like they’re going to die help

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Hey @Carl1 , welcome to the forum.
They will go through some transplant shock for a few days.
Keep them in in dimmed light, not full strength. And if you can put a clear cover on them and keep the cover misted with water so they dont dry out. This gives the roots time to get working again.

Cool thanks for the info I want to give it a try