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Iam getting ready to drop some seeds (photos) , first time for me. Question is how many times are you guys transplanting, and what is a good indoor pot size for them 5 gal or 7 gal?

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I don’t transplant any more. For indoors…7 gallons is good for indoor growing.


I just plant in final home amd water a few mist with spray bottle till its bigger. Gotta be careful though cause u can easily over water. I use 3 gal and can easily pull almost 4 ounces


Solo cup to 3 gallon container to 7 gallon fabric pot.


I don’t transplant either too much work.


I just go from a solo cup into my final home for them, takes a little while for the roots to catch up but I believe it can avoid some huge stress.


I did however transplant a clone i made recently and something I did was have some superthrive mixed. And had soil already in new pot and made a center hole bigger than the cups diameter and sprayed superthrive all around the center hold on new pot and cut slits all around solo cup where u dont break apart or disturb soil/roots and quickly placed in center hole in final home. Didnt skip a beat. No wiltling or anything as if i never transplanted. Thats just what i personally did.

Same as @Zee, solo cup to 3 gal plastic to 7 gal fabric. Transplant stress/shock is caused by bad transplanting practices, not from transplanting. My plants always take off after a transplant. Plants grow faster when transplanted up as needed over having to start life as tiny plant in big pot, which usually leads to over-watering as well.

Not to mention

Learn how to transplant


Good stuff brother , at what stage do you go to 7 gal ?