Transplant from soil to DWC

So I’m thinking of taking a plant that was sitting in my green house trying to flower before the weather changed. Unfortunately it has become dormant. So I’m wanting to pull it from the soil and wash the roots clean and put it into a general hydroponic farm kit in order to finish it out. Anybody have input or ideas on what to look out for.


I did this once and killed her :sob:
I think my mistake was washing the roots clean with too much pressure from tap.
If I did it again I would probably gently swirl it around in water in a bucket to get soil from roots.
Just a thought :slightly_smiling_face:

Just take a massive clone off of her and leave the original plant in the soil. Once you get the monster clone to root then you can dispose of the other


Well so far she looks like she’s doing OK I know from the beginning we kind of struggle because she was a runt I’ll try to attach a picture hopefully it comes through