Transplant autogrowing marijuana seeds?

A question from a fellow grower:

everything i read says dont transplant autos! I have the ww autos in two gal pots. one is huge though and im wondering if i should try a “cut the pot open” transplant cause im scared its gonna get root bound. what should i do. they just got their first hairs.

Just e re-pot the plant. Use 3 gallon pots.

i wouldnt transplant bc at the very beginning of an autoflower they shoot a tap root straight to the bottom of the pot and that determines the size of the plant also u should not transplant during flowering u may herme ur plant or shock it enough to completely shut down bud production

Hey there newby420 this is the other Tennessee grower. I sent you a couple messages but haven’t heard back from u. My e-mail address is on the last message i sent u. I dp need some help with some seeds. But get back at me.