Transitioning to 12/ 12 and ppfd

So I’ve recently switched to 12/12 was wondering when would I change the ppfd output after the stretch or before from what I read I should be between 6and 800 for flower any suggestions 3x3 tent 2 hlg 300L r specs any help would be greatly appreciated will be receiving a light meter Monday to set ppfd for flower

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I start flowering with about 800 ppfd at the canopy and as the plants do the flowering stretch, they grow up into the 1000+ ppfd “zone”. Which light meter did you go with?

I went with the apogee mq 100 little cheaper but seems to be all right from what I’ve seen in videos what do you think ?what is the suggested height that you started at for flower I have my two 300 l r specs set at 28 "dimned to half power not sure on the output can’t find many videos or specs on that light online only the 600 or the 550 reviews figure it’s basically the same as the 600 what are your thoughts on that

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Can’t go wrong with Apogee, that’ll work nicely for you.

I keep my lights at 24" above the canopy, til my plants get too tall and then it’s much closer LOL, but 24" is ideal.

Two 300’s will be the same as one 600, great lights.

Nice setup, only thing I see missing is a HLG UVA 30 between your 300’s, that’ll take your flowering to the next level, in stock now at HLG and they usually don’t stay in stock for long, use discount code “dude” for 10% off.

I have a CLW 24 watt UVB light to put in between them for the last couple weeks of flower, thanks for the help and advice I really enjoy your journals👍

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Sweet, sounds like you are set then. Happy growing!

Thanks you too

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One other question if you have your light at 24 " to start during flower what do you have your dimmer turned to full power 70% 50% ?thanks I saw one of your blogs from last year I believe said 440 Watts this correct?

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My dimmer is usually at 75-80% which was about 440 watts on the HLG 550, but I have added more lights since then and use my Apogee SQ626 to set the lights up so that I’m getting an even ppfd coverage across the whole canopy, running about 600 watts now in flowering which is still about 80% of the full watts I have available.

Thanks again appreciate the help

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