Training Autos Or let them go

Can we LST and FIM auto plants or is it best to just let them do what they do??

@Screwauger makes autos look easy. Have you read his grow journal? I think he does LST only if I remember right. It’s a long read but was lots of info in it. I saved a link to his timeline of autos if you want it. That’s my first few grows are going to be all autos. Otherwise I’m sure he’ll chime in.

Sure, I’ll read it. Thanks buddy! I have 20 blueberry seeds and would like a nice grow out of them. Never grown autos and still finishing my first grow.

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I think that’s in the middle of the thread but he lays out his timeline really well.

Edit it’s like 2 posts below where that link puts you. But the whole thread is a good read. And thanks @Screwauger for all the great info.

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That timeline is awesome. Makes it more understandable.

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Yeah I thought so to. I saved it for later just for that part.

Thanks @DoobieNoobie

I generally “push” them at the turn meaning I will go into week 7 or 8 with grow nutes if I still see good growth. Once the bloom nutes start, I often keep them going well beyond 11 weeks as noted in the write up. I read the trichs/plants vs adhere to that schedule but generally, just push them!!!


LST with thinning will help your auto

ILGM White Widow Autoflower

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How big is your space? My first mistake was planting way to many plants for the space I had. Auto’s can grow big if you let them :clown_face: