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Looking healthy. Love the pics. @Screwauger

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That’s some growth @Screwauger awesome… that system seems to work very well :+1::+1:


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Thanks very much @Covertgrower

They do work great @WillyJ 4.5 inches growth in 4 days!!!

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they really look great @Screwauger

You guys down east really know how to grow! :+1::v::palm_tree::grinning:


“Where America’s Day Begins” @bob31

I am excited to be growing autos and especially the two BBA’s. Thanks Brother!


Update tonight on my tent one day early because I am going out of town for the weekend and tomorrow evening will be devoted to packing and gearing up the tent to be self sufficient for a few days.

Before I get to my update I thought I would share part of my strategy this grow. I research everything way too much, probably?!? I like to plan and have a plan as noted above this grow is mimicking on online acquaintance who only grows auto’s in coco using autopots. My nutes, my timing, my goals are all in honor of him!

This may cause a discussion of some sorts (hopefully it does), might be accurate or not, I really don’t know but it’s what I am following for this grow. I am quite open to constructive input and by no means have I begun to settle on a method or “grow plan” that I consider “dialed in” until I’ve experimented for a few more grows. So onward, these are the projections I am following for this grow as far as the Life Cycle of auto flowering plants:

Weeks 1 - 3. Once you’ve started your seeds and they break the surface of the soil, they are in their seedling stage. The first set of leaves to appear will usually single fingered, followed by a second set that may still be single fingered or perhaps 3 fingered. Once that second set appears growth will start to accelerate as the new leaves provide more photosynthesis. This process will continue, more new leaves, faster growth. Depending on the type of soil in use, mild vegetative nutes can be introduced at week 2. By week 3 most plants will start to show their sex. Males will start to produce pollen sacks and females will display pistols.

Weeks 4 - 6. The plants are now entering a pre flowering stage. During this time the plants should exhibit explosive growth, often as much as a new set of nodes and 1" vertical growth a day. This is the time when they will gain most of their vertical height. Many people make the mistake of switching from vegetative to flowering nutrients at this point, assuming that since they see flowers it must be the proper time. This is incorrect. If the switch to flowering nutes is made at this time the vertical growth will stop and the plant will put it’s energy into producing buds. If you need to keep your plants small, or want them to finish earlier, they by all means switch nutes at this point. But if you want to get the most out of your plants continue feeding vegetative nutes until you see the vertical growth slow and stop. Depending on the strain that will usually be sometime during week 5 or 6.

Weeks 7 - 9. By now vertical growth has stopped and the switch to flowering nutrients has been made. The buds will start to fill out and put on weight, becoming hard and tight. Pistols will start to change from white to brown, orange, red, etc. By now the plants will also have developed a strong smell. Toward the end of this phase the large primary and smaller secondary fan leaves will begin to turn yellow. This is an indication that the plant is moving toward the end of it’s life.

Weeks 10 - 11. At this time flowering nutes should be discontinued and only plain pHed water fed to flush the remaining nutrients from the soil and improve the taste. Yellowing of the fan leaves will continue as the plant draws the stored energy from them. Eventually they will die and fall off. By the time that the smaller leaves that come from out of the buds will also start to turn yellow. Then it’s time to harvest.

I know that many of you are thinking that the seed bank said the plants will finish in 8-9 weeks, so why are you saying they take 10-11? The claims made by the seed banks are somewhat deceptive. If you switch to flowering nutes at week 3 or 4 the plants can finish in the times the seed banks say but they will remain small and not reach their full potential yield. Years of growing by myself and others has shown that autos do best if you follow this time line.

Of course, there will always be variations depending on the strain, the environment, nutrients, etc. This information is meant to only serve as a general guideline.


On my second grow, I would agree with this that was stated. @Screwauger this also is from a lot of what I read. Now the nutrient schedule bit is interesting, and I found that my plants finished mostly on time, but I also counted from the day I flipped the lights. So maybe counting when you flip the lights makes the difference? I’ve always found it confusing to not count the first two weeks of flowering, even if you do see flowers. Just my thoughts. Your experience may vary.

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These are auto’s @Covertgrower no light flipping. Everything in this grow from nute schedule to light schedule to grow medium is “proven” to grow large auto’s. That is the hypothesis anyway! Time is the only thing that will tell now (or a stupid mistake by me). Not looking forward to leaving them for four days but the autopots will cover me.


I guess I missed be the autoflower detail… haha. @Screwauger either way, you should be good.


I realize much of that is remedial for a group like this. I found it after reading numerous grow journals and informational sites specifically to learn when to switch from Grow to Flower nutes when growing autoflower strains. It seemed to be an average unless you were growing ‘super autos’ that can take 11-15 weeks to ripen. Apology for the overview of stages etc.




This is your topic and your soapbox! Please continue!





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Update GCA; BBA 1 and BBA 2
November 8, 2017

So far I have to say the plants and I are loving the nutrient line up. As I expected, GCA (Green Crack Auto) is experiencing explosive growth at about 4.5 inches in 5.5 days Thank you Autopots. (see pics). The BBA’s are doing great and I will update each plant above their pictorial.

GCA Day 34 above Coco
This plants is doing marvelously. I’ve done some extra delicate LST and used some ties to tuck larger leaves and stretch side branches outward away from main stem. I see this being somewhat continual until into flowering. This plant is taking in about 1/3 gallon of nutes per day currently. Current nutes are the same as the last update only I have added Terpinator at 8ml/gal. Next Res, when I return home will be Bloom nutes.

BBA 1 Day 21 from sprout or above coco
Turning on the reservoir tomorrow on this little beauty (that @bob31 and @Rugar89 have me all giddy about). Mixed up a 4 gallon bucket of nutes same as initial res for GCA 5.7ml/gal Sensi Grow A&B, 4.7ml/gal MagiCal and 1.5ml/gal Pro Silicate. This should easily last her until my return Sunday or Monday.

BBA 2 Day 11
Gave her the second feeding a day early on Day 9 so I could feed her again before I leave. She will remain a hand watered plant until I rig an ebb/flow system for her when I return. Doing good so far and on Day 13 I will bumb the Grow nutes to 5.7ml/gal otherwise unchanged. Big goals for this gal and her cousin.

I am trying to get my humidity up so I added a bucket with a towel and fan to see if i can bring it up. Hovering 28-38% which is not ideal but it’s winter so may have to see about other options. Millie says hi.

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Looks good so far. Most interested how the green crack will turn out. @Screwauger


Looking great @Screwauger I ended up getting a warm air humidifier when the green crack was young and it brought the humidity up nicely.


Looking awesome! Thanks for the tag @Screwauger.

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