LST for use on Autoflowering plants

I am considering using LST for my first Grow and I am using a 4 X 4 X 80 inch tent. I want to grow 4 Autoflowering plants in 3 gallon pots. Will this work?

Absolutely. Im running 2 zkittles autos from ilgm right now and wish i started lst sooner. More buds gets exposed to light forming more top colas… good to keep the plant buds even so they can grow even. No bud will be favored more than the other as much since they are all at even distance from the light. The plant favors the buds closer to the light and will direct its energy to those buds. One of my branches cracked bt the main stem and its the branch with the most bud sites now… the plant can handle some stress… ive read hst as well is good for autos early on. Crack the fiber a little and when it heals it forms a knuckle enabling more nutrients to flow through…
Im a 1st timer as well by the way…


Here are a couple of pictures of my White Widow Auto that I FIM’ed and am LSTing at about 21 days from being put in her 3 Gal pot. I’ve got a much smaller tent 24"x36"x53" and want to keep her from getting too big on me.

I am new to autos and thought I might be able to do 3 in my little tent. No way, I’m now beginning to worry about doing only 1 in my little tent. I put 2 other WWA’s in 3 Gal pots outside when I realized Autos can still get big. I trimmed the shit out of those 2 before I put them out hoping to keep them small, but when I checked on them about 5 days later they both had shot straight up over 2 feet with no new branch growth!

I guess I should have topped them instead! Just learning as I go about autos.
I’m LSTing my indoor 1 every day taking off leaves that block lower growth and trying to keep all branch tops near equal height. :sunglasses:

Im running white widow auto next cant wait… those look good keep the lst up im trying to keep my zkittles as vertical as possible from here on… she was 2ft from the floor last i checked. She on like day 51… the other is a week behind… i was gonna just let her bush out but it got too much to get good light penetration… autos can get pretty big. Im in 5 gallon fabric pots. You can check out my grow in my journal. Latest pics were this am.

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Should I use tie down method or Scrogging?

Im scrogging but i see where i could tie down a few branches as well


Hey there @VOL4LIFE I’m one of the experinced auto growers here on ilgm.

Your tent will fit 4 plants fine, I run 4 in 5 gallon pots in my 4x4x8 but 3 gallon pots work great for alot of people so don’t sweat that detail.

How old are your plants?

What lighting are you using?

SCOG can be done but you need a scog setup, this is not a net, a trellis net simply holds your plants from falling over when they get bud heavy (ensuring a good fbreeze on all plants aka good fans inside will help with this to you need a fan on each plant I suggest 30w Non Oscillating monkey fans!)
Generally the idea is to back off the lighting a bit and let the plant stretch into the scog, you weave it through the scog until it starts to flower.

LST is more of an art, many lst to much and autos can be delicate when in soil and when your a new grower so I generally advise new growers to FIM them and then just let them grow, this will spread them out having 4 tops rather than 1. It’s a simple precise cut and then you just let the plant grow.

Come flower about week 3 when they get fluffy buds sort of like a clover that’s when you Lolipop it and defoilate it to remove buds that won’t grow yet suck up nutrients and energy, instead re directing this energy to your main buds. Removing fan leafs allows light to reach the buds and light grows buds. Remeber that because to juch leaf in flower will hurt your yeilds.

@Howsmygrow that’s a trellis net not a scog setup, look into something solid you will have to make one yourself out of bamboo or pvc and wire.



I am growing Gorilla Glue Autos and didn’t start the LST until 1st week of flowering and they are kind of tough to bend without snapping a branch. I’m new at this and didn’t know better. But they are doing really well though with the bit of LST I have done.

They are 5 gallon fabric pots and they live in a 2x2 tent with 2 other 5 gal plants.

Good luck and happy growing!

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You will be fine !! I have 6 ft. × 2 1/2 ft closet I fit 7 in 5 gallon mesh. Next run gonna drop to 5 and spread out more. I fim. &top some more than once depending on growth and health of plant. I don’t LST any more but some I pull branches out not down. But that’s what yields best for me in my narrow space.

I like to have 2 many than not enough. God bless & good luck!!!


Man!! I feel so intimidated. How hard is FIM to do? I don’t want to ruin my plants. Any suggestions on reading or watching to do before I FIM?


@VOL4LIFE It’s not hard I can show you how:

First pick the plant and top you are wishing to FIM

Next find the newest youngest growth…gonna be on the very top:

NEXT IS MOST IMPORTANT FOR SUCCES OR FAILURE…seperate out like 2/3 of that growth…leaving the longest fingers attached:


Notice my fingernail is holding those against my other finger? Simply pinch all that off and you’re done DO NOT PULL THIS OFF….PINCH IT OFF

This is a FIM job that has worked for me! Good luck


@VOL4LIFE Don’t be intimidated @grizZz got ya!! Do one just to try. Soon you’ll be a pro. @Docnraq great video . any questions should be answered there. If not let us know​:+1::grin:


Real life pictures help…also just trying it on a plant is fun cause it’s the first time you’ve done it so the unknown is truly nerve racking…until 3-4 days later (maybe not even)…you see the results and you’ve then LEARNED something truly remarkable

Good luck I’ll be watchin



Thank you all sooooooo much for your help!

@Nicky @VOL4LIFE

Thanks for the info Nicky! I’m on my first grow of autos too and chose to do a bit of LST. Next run I may FIM to compare results. I may tag you on my next update as I need all the help I can get.

Blessings and grow on.

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No sweat, tag away. I don’t really follow things much I just wait for tags =p