First Time Growing LST WW Auto

Hey everyone! Thanks for offering such great knowledge and wisdom. I’ve been growing plants my whole life, but never tried to grow buds until now. I’m 15 days since germination growing White Widow autoflower using the ILGM nutes. I started LST today on one plant and the other I’m not doing anything but water and nutes. I have a custom soil mix that I use in my garden beds in 5 gal fabric pots. After looking through the forums about auto grows and LST, I think I’m doing the right thing and I think my plant is right in track, but I’m open to any suggestions. My lights are Spider Farm 2000.

the three pics of the bigger plant are before and after I started LST and the pic of the smaller plant is the one Im not doing any kind of training. It looks stunted to me, and there was a slight yellowing to the leafs. I don’t ppm or ph my water, I’m a pretty laid back gardener and was actually talked into using nutes instead of my go to fert: coffee grounds, egg shells, and banana peels.
Thanks everyone for the read and any advice offered! Also I’m sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.


Here’s my White Widow @ 2 weeks.


Welcome to the community @justahamm


That’s a pretty plant. Looks like bubble buckets? Hydro grows faster right? I’m just looking at the size of those leaves…my 7 node leaves are just popping.

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Welcome to ILGM forum @justahamm! If you are using nutes I would recommend a TDS pen at least, especially at this point. I do not grow autos but they are not as forgiving as photos. Is your soil hot or basically inert? Most people start at 1/4 recommended feeding until they see how each plant reacts.

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Thanks! The TDS pen would prob be a good idea. Ill check into that. The soil is probably hotter than it should be. It’s a mixture of compost from last year’s garden and chicken poo and garden soil from my garden boxes. Ive fed then twice, once last weekend and once this weekend. So the end of week 1 and week 2. I didn’t go 1/4 strength, that’s a good idea. But I didn’t go full strength either. I also water just water between feedings.

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They all look OK, may need a little N but definitely growing. Hope it works out good for you man. If you want somebodies attention put @justahamm like that and it will highlight in preview pane!

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They look good.:+1:

Thanks @Holmes and @Coen3440. They’re growing so fast. Noticble growth everyday. I’ll update with new pics next week. Thanks again everyone!

One of my WW autos day 40 from seed.


She’s a beauty, bro. Looking lush

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Hard to believe that in a week or two I’ll have flowers setting. I’m used to growing tomatoes and peppers. Haha this auto is like kudzo compared to jalapenos.

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Sorry haven’t been updating more regularly…started masters classes…life. haha. But here’s pics from last night. Tom will be the start of week 10. But for a first grow, I think shes looking good.


They are looking good man! Here are some of mine about 12 weeks and some at 5 weeks.