Topping In preflower

Hey guys so this is an outdoor and can I still top them because I think they will outgrow my fence They just started to preflower I see some pistols Already topped Twice. Can I still talk or will I lose almost all of my main colas. I think I toppedAt the end of July. The bigger ones are gorilla glue #4 and Afhgan. Please help I know they will still stretch out and the problem is I don’t want them to outgrow my fence my fence is 6’ and they are already 5’ Problem last year I did grow different but I thought I tapped them at the right moment this year but I guess not.


Supercrop them, don’t top them. Bend them outward like you’re doing LST, but squeeze/pinch the stalk where you wanna make the bend. It’s pretty aggressive but it’ll be the best way to keep your gals below the fende line.


Yup! Give the stem a big squeeze between your fingers and gently bend the tall ones down around 90 degrees. They’ll heal and keep going.

Best to do this now before they start blowing up.

Best picture i could take of one of mine that i bent. You can see the bend and how the stem “healed”


I made my Decision I will top one and the other one i will super crop and see what happens, so as a grower i will observe what happens and how bad it will affect the yield. and next year my last topping will be at the end of july. I only topped twice before the end of July so next year I’ll top 4 times


Its all about science and experimenting! Good luck! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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