Top tips and middle leaf tips browning and slight curling

Hi got 3 amnesia haze autoflower going into the 8th week, have a feeling that one plant is getting some nutrients burn but want to confirm, other 2 girls are cruising.

I have planted in a combination of cocoa noire, perlite and potting mix with blood n bone and slow release fertiliser, just a bit.

I have feed on ph water about 6 and some seaweed fertiliser during veg.

Started on some bud bloom about 1 week into flowering only 5 then 10ml per 1.5l of water shared between 3.

Got 2 x 300W LED on them now at 45-50cm from highest branch.

I think I pushed the bud bloom a little too much over 3 days and one girl didn’t like it.

Q. Is my assumption correct and if so will just water now be enough to bring them all over the finish line to harvest?


Hello and welcome to the forum. It does look like nute burn but difficult to see with the purple light


Thank you, I’m guessing its minor as it is only affecting the tops of about 4/5 branches, you reckon just water through til the end or give her a flush?

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I would water through it. Looks minor just now but will probably get worse before it gets better. Have you checked your runoff ec/ppm and pH

Run off check no i will check in morning water and if there has been any for browning of leaves.

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No worries, keep me posted. Adding @ in front of a user name will put a blue flag up on their dashboard. That let’s us know that you’ve replied and we can drop in again otherwise your response might get missed


@Davyg cheers will do, might get some clearer pics so gage overall performance as this is my first grow, much appreciate the help :slight_smile:


@Bushtucka I think it looks like light burn. You should raise your lights up if possible, if not can they be dimmed or can a switch be turned off.

I would not got looking for nutrient problem, other then the excess light requires additional calcium and magnesium

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