Possible light burn or nitrogen deficiency?

I’ve got a 10 day old Amnesia Haze Auto which started to show possible signs of light burn. Last night I noticed the leaves had a yellow tinge to them so I raised the light from 12” to 18”.
Now this morning it’s showing signs of canoeing. Is this light burn or nitrogen deficiency? Cotyledons still look ok I think so no nutes have been introduced yet.

Light: 250w HPS on 18/6 schedule
Grow medium: Coco/perlite 60/40 (no nutes)
Temp: 24-27*C (controlled by InkBird)
Humidity: 10% (issue I know, using humidity dome as temp solution)
Last watered: Solo cup was soaked with 6.4PH demineralised water, let sit for a few days then jiffy pellet with seedling placed in cup 5 days ago. Not watered since. No nutes added yet.

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They’re reaching up to try and reduce the leafs profile so it doesn’t get as much light. Raise the light a bit if possible.


Ahh ok. I have raised the light now to 22”. I’m thinking maybe heat stress too?

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Very possible. You can keep the light there and monitor. If they start “praying” again, may want to bump up to 30” if possible


I checked on it about half hour after lights out and leaves have immediately begun to drop to normal. I think you’re right on the money with too much light.

Previously I was lowering the light thinking that it pointing upward was it reaching for the light.

Reaching means it’s stretching. As in the stem gets really long trying to get the leaves closer to the light.

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