New grower. Advice needed

Hi All. I am a beginner in need of expert advice

So these girls are autos in their 2nd week of flower. I’m feeding them GH Gro nutes @ 50% strength on a 18 6 light cycle. Temp @ 77f and humidity at 60 %. These are under 400w quantum board.

Need help of what this issue is? Is this nute burn, light burn, nitrogen deficiency or something else.

Any indication of what this is ? Please help.


Welcome ! Nice plant ,The Leafs are showing some nute burn. Next time you water to run off check your PPM.


What type soil are you using

how high is your light above the plants and do you have it turned all the way up

I’m using organic potting soil with coco coir ± vermi compost and perlite.

I’ve just added some nitrogen buffer and the yellowing has stopped.

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Yep. Sadly lights dont have a control feature… so they at at full power and around 20 inches away.

OK keep an eye on them those yellow leaves won’t recover. Can you raise your lights a couple of inches? Place the back of your hand under the light if it is to hot for your hand it is to hot for your plants.

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