Top tip of branches drooping?

Hello ILGM , I have a ?. I recently transplanted my plant 5 days ago. One is having issues. They’re about a month old l. Moved them from 3gal to 65 gallons. They’ve been outdoors a month and all good except one… I transplanted it and noticed the next day it was droopy so I pulled it into shade for 3 days… at night it would perk up and be good till the morning first 2 days
… 3rd day I fed 7-2-8 got my water around 6.5 and fed… 4th day it was doing good dragged it in sun again all was well for a whole day… till next morning it was perky still… 2 hours of light and the tips of branches are droopy? Not sure what’s going on I fed then 1 litres of water then after transplant 1 and half liters near roots… it’s been 90 degrees all week…

its being beaten up by 90 degrees of heat / shade it / air movement will also help

Ok thanks I appreciate it wasn’t sure if I was over watering it or anything . Second time outdoor. First time in pots

Should I help the branches stand a little or just leave her be ?

she should recover in some shade and gentle wafting of air but easy on the watering…whats your RH ? it must be low as if you are at 90f :flushed:

Dang I didn’t noticed it was supposed to be 97 today no wonder she was drooping… i watched the tip of the branches rise up over a period of 5 mins or so… so today is 97 with 19 percent humidity…I water every 3 days some times 2 if it’s real dry.

Also I used promix mycorrhizae in one pot(struggling plant which is gelato 33 x dosido. the other is sunshine mix 4 pro or w.e. And is blue cookies and third in 7 gal pot is ogdogwalker …the dosilato is the one recent struggling but was growing the fastest until transplant. Try lst for a few weeks to get some branches pointing out and not up.

Tips are up… chasing the shade man. Scared of dragging this pot around the yard too much… how strong are the fabric pots… 65 gallons ,damn thing is wet . May have to invest in an umbrella too

Looking fine in the Sweet Summer Shade :parasol_on_ground: maybe put a couple of bowls of water around the base to help the RH.
I drag my 4 fabrics around all day on a wooden conservatory chasing the meagre British sun floor and they still pull my arms out of my sockets when hydrated.
97f you say … I am about to put the central heating on here in western britain :cold_face: