Top my plants for the first time

Recently topped my photoperiods running in ocean forest soil going on 5 weeks running 18/6 light cycle under a kindledx750 at 18 inches away at 450 par range. Tent has been colder then i would like plus i recently transplated from a 1.5 gallon plastic to a 5 gallon fabric. Cant figure out if i have a pest issue watering/ light problem the new growth is looking sad.


Looks like just new growth. Looks fine. Keep us updated as she grows.


Lookin good, I had some light yellowing of the new growth like that, it was a combination of the light being too close and a little stress from transplanting. Not saying this is the same for you. It’s looking normal to me, the topping looks like a slight miss, but worked.

It looks like she may have some potting soil on her leaves, I suggest you clean her leaves up gently, it could be limiting the light her leaves absorb and/or potentially burn the leaves if the matter is heavily nutrient laden. It will likely do nothing ill to her but I like to give the girls every possible chance to thrive not just survive. :grin:

I use a CO2 cartridge duster and give it low pressure dusting blast with that. It was something we had laying around to clean electronics.

If I turn my fans to low and blast a 12g cartridge of c02 in the closet I use it’ll boost the co2 in the room around 700-800ppm for a couple hours. It is a small space and have since purchased a exhale co2 bag that lasts 6 months for $20, i think the 10 packs of carts are $15. I chose to use the co2 duster I read of anything else since I knew the plants needed co2 anyways and the other dusters have terrible stuff in them.

Looking good and looking pretty. That’s totally normal just like @Autofreak said. I would say you’re well on the way in the four main branches on each of those pretty plants. Nice work.

Thanks yep definitely some soil from transplant. I was pretty sloppy for sure.