This is my rookie year, just looking for feed back and pointers

I did what I could financially with what I had wondering if everything is ok for now, I’m thinking I’m gonna Run out of space eventually if I don’t get a bigger setup considering they are autos and I have no control over how big they get


And I’m not even at my true wattage with the cheap lights I bought (200w from wall total)

Welcome ! you should be good on Space looks like you got two that’ll finish up earlier than the last two.

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@kellydans thanks for the input, Im at week 3 with the bigger ones would you happen to have some input on nutrients? I haven’t seen any signs yet but I’ve heard I can go 3-5 weeks with out nutrients in this fix farm ocean soil

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plants look healthy, yes ocean forest will carry you to flower stage or real close. Personally I use Dyna Gro Foliage Pro for veg and Bloom for flower. Lot of people have been talkin about Jack’s Nutes. Good luck

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