Too much nitrogen?

I’m wondering about mixing veg and bloom nutes my question really is about mixing differing amounts of N and how does it add up if anyone has any idea what I mean…okay what do you get when you mix even parts 7-2-2 with say 2-7-2?(dr earth nitro big and dr earths golden bloom)
Any info would be appreciated thanks


yes they add up to 9-9-4 which is too low K for bloom but fine for veg the other thing to consider is they both will have different micro nutrients which your plants need it isn’t too much N depending on if you are in bloom or not.

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Ok thanks maybe I’ve been overthinking. Not fully flowering yet just switched to 12 /12 a few days ago

My plants are at the begining of the vegetative stage. As of yet, i have not added any additional nutrients. Plants are currently in 2-3 gallon containers. I’ve finished reading the Grow Bible and the Plant Care booklet but don’t recall anything stated about how much nitrogen is ideal. I read that during vegetative state the N needs to be greater than P or K but how much? The plant food i have is 3-4-4 but i also purchased some Blood Meal slow release natural Nitrogen which is 12-0-0. I’m about 6-8 weeks from germination and am affraid of making a mistake.
Any suggestions?
Thank in advance :sunglasses:

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WHATEVER you do, DO NOT use “time release” nutrients…from my understanding and experience, just DON’T! Time release will continue releasing nitrogen throughout the plants life cycle, which is DETRIMENTAL in it’s flowering stage. Time release nitrogen is “immobile”, meaning the nitrogen doesn’t move throughout the plant right away. Fast acting nitrogen is what you want to feed your plants in it’s vegetative stage, and in higher (but not TO high) dosages. Hope this helps a little…good luck :+1:t3: