Too Late to Prune Smaller Buds

Planted on 2/15
Flip to 12/12 on 3/18 w/auto timer

So Saturday I will be 6 weeks since flip and I have a lot of little buds on the bottom of the plant.

Should I prune those too boost top buds or am I too late?

Thanks for your help

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Forgot to add images



A picture would be nice

I did the opposite and trimmed the upper flowers/buds when they were ripe and ready and let the lower buds mature

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Nice looking plant so far good job

@triadmatt if I were you I would trim off the lower buds and let your plants focus on producing the best top Buds they can.

You will hear people talk about lollipopping where they trim off the bottom 1/3 of growth as it will most likely not get enough light to produce quality buds.


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That is an interesting idea, never thought of that. How did it turn out for you?


Thanks for the info. This is what I was thinking of, just wanted to make sure I was not too late and mess things up this far in the game.

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It worked very well for my first time indoor auto sour diesel went over 100 days and netted 5 ounces, it was in a closet too. You can check it out on my profile or I can post a link too

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It’s ok to clean up around the bottom a little I just wouldn’t get carried away.
Good luck :v:


[quote=“triadmatt, post:6, topic:100599”]
That is an interesting idea
Absolutely a BAD idea unless a staged harvest is being done. This early in flower removing the top buds is very unproductive.
You can remove the bottom buds, I do it all the time. It should redirect what they would have consumed to other parts of the plants. I will also add that my plants would not have this kind of growth during the flowering stage. I prune and trim off all the extra stems, branches and leaves before I flip to initiate flowering.

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