To flush or not to flush auto

hay all my indoor zittles is a little over 9 wks old the tricones are all clear at this point but im getting close im growing in coco perite 70/30 and have been watering with only jacks 321 4 cups per day right now at what point do i start flushing this is an autoflower read info here but am a little confused about when to flush autos 2 wks before or a couple days before by tricone color or not at all any help will be appreicated thanks

Do you have any pictures? For future reference, you can tag us into your journal, and better assist you there. All of the information is just a scroll away.

@covertgrower buddy i dont have a clue what your talking about as ive said before computers are nit my friend i femember using a slide rule in school thanks man pic are no prob