When to flush before harvest

Looking for a bit of advice on flushing before harvest as this is the first time I’ve grown in coco coir/perlite mix.

My plants today have just hit week 12 (Day 84) since planting seeds, and probably around week 7 into flower. They grew way bigger than my previous soil grow and outgrew my grow tent. I had to cut the bottom out of my tent and raise it to keep up with their growth.

I’ve read for coco coir I only need to flush for around a week to 10 days but don’t want to start too soon before they’re ready, if you can help me get it right id really appreciate it.

2 plants both Jack herer auto‘s from ILGM Indoor grow (plants outgrew my tent so they’re squished together see pics)
5 gallon fabric pots
400W LED light on 24hrs
Coco coir perlite mix
One plant (right in image) is larger and feeds every 2 days (5L each watering general hydroponics flora trio Lucas formula around 1000ppm with plain PH water every second watering)
Second plant (left in image) watering every 3 days same amount and ppm as above and with plain ph water every second watering.
PH 5.8-6.0 each watering/feed

Both have almost entirely white pistils, smaller plant on left seems further along with fatter buds/colas, plant on right is a bit more airy but has more brown pistils.

I’ve checked trachomes with my jewelers loupe and both have a mix of clear and cloudy trichromes, plant on left more cloudy than clear and on right about 50/50.

Given this can you give me your best estimate of how long I have left with these 2 and when you would start flushing. Both have immense amounts of foliage so there is plenty of reserve for them to live off once I start flushing.

Looking forward to any help you can give!


No need to flush yet, my guess is they have 3-4 weeks, possibly more.


For sure…you still have a while to go. But that’s good…a lot more time to fatten up

Wait for the pistils to start curling around the bud…then you’re close.

Still lots of white hairs on your buds…im no pro grower but I’d say those buds need fatter

Not an experienced grower but I agree with those above, those buds need more time.