To flower or not to flower? That is the question

So the girls are getting pretty big now… still a

round 1 ft tall mind you, and if I flower now it will be hot as absolute fudge cakes baking in the oven, they do better with heat in flower I believe? so… options are

  1. Flower them!! Long awaited but I’ve been patient.
  2. Let them veg past summer when I have more funds for better led lights
  3. Scrape together what I can by 3 months veg, mid June, and go for it.
  4. Get a 4 x 4 in the same room (doable) and flower 2 or 4 at a time
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Flip them they will continue to grow anyway

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I’ve broken my grow into smaller groups, some in flower while some continue to veg. It’s been a good situation for me, and it’ll stagger the work of harvest/drying/curing.


What kind of temperatures will you be looking forward to…?
As long as you can keep your res temps in order , you should have options… if that’s the case , I would base flower time off of size and distance from lights and how much of a pain in the butt it will be to maneuver around them… :wink:

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Pretty hot… got up to 85 F on the hottest day so far, so if imagine 90-95. res temps where pretty messy to… 80 F… had a bit of slimey roots, every time I see a little blob of shitty mouldy roots I just take it off and add some h202. Hopefully when the new pump gets here ill be able to adjust the water flow so it doednt empty the head faster than it can refill amd all will be hunky dorey, then i can cover the buckets with panda plastic and even do a skrog…!! Man its been a pain phing those buckets every day, what a noob. should probably also add I’ve been topping up the buckets and not emptying them for a long time… is this super bad?

Size of lights will be… 360w 180w 180w 180w and a 200w actual led so 1.1k actual watt if I can handle the heat, 7-8 weeks of flower is advertised, got a guess on yield Peach? Damn I’m excited and nervous about flowering them…

Yeah, what a pain but in a good way lol. My house stinks!

You should empty the whole system at least every 3 weeks , but should shoot for 2 and by that I mean just drain it as much as possible… I know some experts will tell us both to clean and sanitize the whole system… but… I have ran plants for 16 weeks in flower without cleaning and sanitizing anything and this is what my roots looked like… not bad , but they were in a scrogg and I couldn’t do anything about it… just had to roll with the punches… I’m sure my yield would have been much better if I had kept up on them better… :wink:

Nothing was slimy and roots were white as snow … mind you my temps hovered around 75 to 85 degrees… the only thing that I was using besides my nutrients was hydroguard and orca… :wink:

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would be my choice they grow exponetial so get too large very fast once they get bigger

It’s a hard choice. I’m totally curious how much they will yield as they are, the second tent isn’t as ideal as I once thought. My main worry about flipping now is I have some mildew on a few leaves which I imagine would turn to bud rot, wait for a sulfur burner then flip um dyou think? The nodes are so close together an plants are so dense in leaves and bud sites it’s creating mildew I think.

I think your space is too humid and that you aren’t getting enough air movement mildew likes moist with less air movement

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