Is my plant too small to start flowering?

Hi Guys,

My plants is a Northern light (fem), brought the seeds from here.
Now she is 45 days old. but still very small.

Been giving it a solution of 4-2-6 but in halfs, plant always look very health.

HP is been under 6.
Temp - controlled with air con, around 24 degrees get a little colder when i have no lights on.
Humidity - Around 65%
Lights - i have 3 x 100 watts LED.
Have a mix of sugar and yeast in the room

I have to have it cut on 2nd of May.

when is the latest you guys think i could turn into flowering? i thought of giving it another week, but im worried flowering wont be finished by then.

here some pics

Thank you!

Generally wait till at least 12-16 tall or at least 30 days vegation - not counting Seedling and Germination stages of growth. BUT a plant will go into flower when ever you change your light cycle- only thing is if put in to soon ; your buds will be smaller. Your choice - I would wait (I’d want large yields)

Thanks Steve.

Someone will come over on the 2th of May, so it has to be gone by then.

so i don’t want to wait too long otherwise, i wont have time to harvest properly, i’d prefer get a small yield than not have enough time to harvest them. ( thats my first grow, so if i can get through every step, even if not perfectly, i think it would be good for my next grows)

just one more question, why do you think my plants are still small? not enough lights? or my pot are too small?

I have 3 L pots, maybe equivalent to 1 gallon.

i struggled a bit to find a proper feeding, so maybe in lacking on it too…

This is what a have for light and pots

Thank you!!

Looks good - can place cfl’s 2 inches above the plants no more that 6 inches - try 2 inches

Just curious about light placement. I have 2 225led light panels, 1 200w ephotoinc and 2 26w sunblastee bulbs. Is it enough? How far away? Really any advice

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LED’s place 12-16 inches above plant (use back of hand test) Your grow room size?. what you have is more than enough- have you ever considers “side-lighting” ?

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Tonight once my lights turn on at 1045 I’ll take a few pics and send them.
I have my 2 cfl bulbs on the outside of my 3 buckets and the 1 200w cfl
bulb in the middle, all are based on the ground. The 2 led panels i have
are hanging above the plants. 1 is in a small 1 gallon dwc kit, abbaponics,
2 share a 4 gal bucket and 1 is in a planter. Not the best set up but
mainly built from what i had laying around. Thank you so much for the advice

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Grow room is a closet that is 46inches long by 18inches deep and 78inches

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to figure watts go LxW = the x’s answer by 40 watts (takes 40 for one square foot of coverage - for lumens’ - LxW=? then x’s answer by 2,000(take 2,000 lumen’s for 1 square foot of coverage. Generally can put in flower at 12’ in height or 30 days, Yes you could put inflower but the longer the veg time the bigger the yields - hop this helps

If that is aluminum foil in grow space - need to put the "dull: side to light this will increase reflection of light - No shinny side out Plants look good

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You will make changes/improve your grow room after each grow -

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