Tiny bug, only seen with scope

Hey y’all, I’m only seeing a few bugs on a few buds on this plant. Here are the pictures? Aphid? Thripe? Don’t worry? Thanks for feedback. No signs of web or eggs.


It’s the yellow thing. Moves around, doesn’t jump or fly. It’s in the flower but not many and only on a few buds?

Harvest is tomorrow by the way 11 weeks

Well so far it seems to be broad mite! Any insight?

Ok come on this like a where’s Wally bug edition, can you circle it?

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Gonna need clearer pics of them if this is it @Kozmoz


FFS I was looking at the tiny black spot near to it

Bug looks like a crawler larvae something buy yes get it off get a good clear picture.

What’s that yellow banana thing near it moving about too?

That’s gross!
Howdy good to see you still going
@Kozmoz lol I meant. You too Oldguy!


That’s it! Larvae or a mite?

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Not sure. Can you get a clearer pic ?

Def gonna need a bud wash at harvest too.
Don’t want to smoke em. :nauseated_face:


Actually if it’s a low level mite or larvae problem…m people say just leave it. It’s organic . There is no way you can expect acres of marijuana. So if it’s a few mites and not infested… I read that… Just leave it be

In the three pictures is yellow. Around the same location. Only saw it on a few plants and not on all buds. Hard to detect. Very small. Maybe has eyes but no legs or wings…broad mite maybe

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So ya. We are talking about something you can’t see with your naked eye. Only detected on a couple plants. Hard to find and not all over and not infested. Looks like a larvae or a mite maybe a nat. But I have not detected anything different about the leaves or grow. Def. No bugs under the leaves. Just a couple squiggle larvae , maybe alien entities. I’m going to smoke the shit out of em. But I do appreciate feedback

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In My pictures it looks like what old guy circled.

Tiny black spot is on the camera… Your looking for the lil yellow banana

Hey y’all. So my deep research brought me to the fact that I believe they are broad mite. Only a few… And I don’t see the eggs? I harvested , and the plant that had the most but not infested, I just hung in a different area. I saw a couple on other plants.

Well I don’t think it’s borad mite either… Because it doesn’t seem to have legs. So, some mentions basic soil mite… I’m sure the soil mites skimmy right up the trunk and chill on flowers

If that small crawly is on a mature bud, being next to many other plants, I suggest a good spraying of Captain Jacks all around, or some other spinosad product and a bud wash after harvest.