Timer recommendations

Well… I’ve been using the same timer for my lights since December. Never had an issue until yesterday when I was in my tent checking things out and all of the sudden my lights went out. Thought a breaker tripped at first and then realized it was my cheap Amazon timer.
I noticed that the timer , upon reading the back of it was rated at 1250 watts at 15amps. I think my 2 Scorpion diablos running at full tilt may be too much of a load for it? I’m not really sure? Or it could be just faulty.

Is there any good timers out there? I don’t care what it looks like I just need something that is reliable that can handle my lights.

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I’ve had awsome luck with the outdoor timers like is used for Xmas lights. They are built well, water proof and have a protective cover over them and not very expensive.


Do you happen to know the specs on it? Wattage rating?

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The same as yours rated at 1250w.

This one is rated 1725w

This one is 1875w

Hope that helps

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Thanks a ton man! That’s exactly what I need! 1800 watts should be good. I’m pretty certain my lights were the culprit and stressing the timer i currently have.

Again, thanks my friend :call_me_hand::beers:

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I found this one at wally world. Identical to the one you posted last but in a different casing.

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I like the ones on cords. Much more stable in the plug :grin:


Thanks again bro!

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This one has lasted me going on 2 1/2 years


I have that exact one. It worked great on my 4x8 until I turned both of my Scorpion Diablos up full blast.
That particular timer is only rated at 1250 watts at 15amps which will work great for my 4x4 because I’ll only have 1 Diablo in there.

That timer is really nice and simple to program. It was just overloaded. I found one rated at 1875 watts so I should be good to go.

Thanks for chiming in to help bro. :call_me_hand:

Most of the cheap timers are a PIA to program and lose massive amounts of time. I had some of those BN-LINK timers and they’re less than reliable losing 40 minutes in a couple of months and far from intuitive to program not to mention when plugged into a power strip you lose two sockets at minimum. Looking for a better option I came across this. A power strip with built in timer, 8 sockets 4 timed 4 untimed, the sockets rotate and it’s incredibly easy to program. We’ll see how it does.