Trace voltage after timer clicks off?

Hi, if we have any electricians here, I would appreciate a word with you! I purchased 2 p600 from Advanced Platinum. I am currently using them now for my scrog. As they are in veg. I can still go back there in the dark and feel around for whatever I need. I was in there the other night and out of the corner I saw some light. At first I thought it was a reflection in tin foil from the light in the hall way. When I got closer to the lights I could see several diodes very dimly shinning.both lights were affected. The guy in Lowe’s told me that timers are made for incandescent lights and that the L.E.D.s are more sensitive. I checked the outlet it had a ground. I went to Home Depot and bought another timer that said it could be used for L.E.D.'s. When the light went out last night I went back there and unfortunatly they were still showing dim light. Now I know there are a lot of folks using L.E.D.'s, has anyone else had any problems like this? If so, what did you do? Is there a special timer for L.E.D.'s? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mike

I run my timer in a surge protector , never had that problem !


Thank you Yoshi. I have tried just about every thing else, I will give that a try. Take care, Mike

Get a 3 prong mechanical timer that will fix it
Needs to have a real earth

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Hey Iva, I was in lowe’s and think I know what you mean. Is it the ones in the metal box where you have to run wire threw the bottom? I think it was about 47.00 dollars. On one of those fix it shows they told me that I had to get a timer with a neutral in it? I am not to savvy on electric, could you please tell me what you mean by saying " Needs to have real earth ". Thanks in advance, Mike

Look on the box to see if it has an earth in the little fig they give
I use the ones with the little tabs you click up or down for on or off
I get the $9 ones for lights they last longer and stop when the power goes off you will never have less then 12 dark

This is the same as I use 15min per tab works for my flood and drain too but mine is 240v
I have never seen the leds just glowing when off but now I am adding it to my testing on lights

No little earth. 24 hr programable, grounded outlet, Incan, LED, CFL, ECO OPTIONS, & Recycle are the only pics or symbols the box has. It is a Defiant outdoor extreme weather timer. It was the only one I could find that had L.E.D.'s on it. Mike. PS My Spectrum Kings never had any problem. The problem started when I bought the Advance Platinum’s p600. And they were not glowing, but very feint. I can hold up a piece of white paper and you see this light on paper until you get about four inches away from light and you can’t see anymore.

Iva, what part of the world do you hail from as I don’t recognize this brand you are showing in picture, Mike

This is what I use they are a generic timer mine are a clipsal brand and i got this pic off a US site
Mine is 240v this one is 120v
Try a different power point at the other end of the house first just to rule out a dodgy loop in the wiring

I dont use programmable ones anymore too many problems with them

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Well I ordered it on Amazon not 5 minutes ago. Thank you for your Time and info. Iva. Mike Cicchino

I used one like this for my 2kw heater :slight_smile:

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I use the same one

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Harbor freight has a good one for 10 bucks

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