Timeing Schedule

I am wanting to do the 20 hour on and 4 hour off time schedule, can anyone tell me if i ever have to reduce the light time during the grow, if heard if you use this schedule you can finish a grow in 8 to 9 weeks…any advice…anyone please ty

Is this for an auto plant? If so, then yes you can do that without changing the light schedule for the whole grow. If this is a photo plant, then no, you must switch to 12/12 schedule for the plant to flower.


It will be autos, thank you raustin

Honestly I think you’d be better off run 10-2 10-2
The plant will only convert so much light so by breaking it up it would give the rest period
Keep us posted on your results
Tag me into your grow journal if you have one or start one I’m interested in see how you make out