Time to go into 'flower' or 'top' again?

Hello All,

I have my one BlueBerry at 34-38 days in veg. She’s about 16" high and 16" wide. I’m just wondering if I should consider going into flower or should I top her again? Also, should I start scroging now?

A quote from another site/source:

You can tell when the vegetative stage has ended because the plant starts growing gender-specific parts in addition to leaves and vegetative growth. For example, you know the flowering stage has started when the plant starts growing pistils/white hairs/buds if plant is a girl, and balls/pollen sacs if a boy.

How true is that?

One of my goals was to maximize my yield, but I’m getting anxious about getting to harvest… She’s been topped twice, transplanted twice, and now sits in 10 gallon pots.

Please ask any questions you may have. All advice is welcome.

Here’s a few photos:

Straight on:

Straight down:


When you put her in flower she is going to get big looks great buddy :wink: If it were mine I would flower that’s about perfect for your 10 gallon pot


What are you using for lighting? I say if you have strong light for penatraion then veg longer. I like to veg for 60 days if possible longer veg better yield and bud imo


Ps that statement is not true you can veg for as long as you want How else would one keep mothers.once I had to go away so my plants got verged an extra 2-3 weeks it made a huge difference in final yield.Plant looks great by the way


She looks awesome, flower when your ready it’s up to you.

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I’m lighting with white COB LED’s. About 1000 watt is max, but I run them at about 70%. The COBs are in a 3 x 3 array spaced about 14" apart. Lot’s of light…

Flip her to 12/12 and scrog that baby! Remember she will stretch anywhere from 100-150% of the size she is now.
Should fill the tent nicely.

I would defoliate the bottom 1/3 before 12/12, about a week before.

All that waisted growth on the bottom won’t get enough light to have good buds. Plus all that waisted energy you remove from the bottom will move to the top and help create nice big buds without all that larf crap.

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@Hogmaster, @Snowman, @Wishingilivedina420state, @Ronbowe63,

First, thanks for the compliments on my plant. I’ve been tending her pretty closely.

After reading all the replies I’ve decided to take the following actions. This weekend I’m going to trim some of the under growth and top her one more time. Then in one week (I have to give her some time to recover) I’ll lower the SCROG net and switch her to 12/12.

Do any of you know what the average flower time is for Blueberry?

Thanks again for your help!


Wow that’s some awesome lighting you got there wish I had the means for that type of set up.Any way I’ve never grown blueberry before but I would go with what the breeder says,I’m sure different breeders different flowering times.Blueberry is some of my all time favorite smoke.I bought some blueberry seeds for my very first grow and the seeds never germed and I have never had germ issues again it was a bad seed bank they went under soon after my order.Anyway keep us posted you going to get lots of nice bud off that plant.

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Plant looks great!

I agree with your next steps. I think another topping and then some pruning should put you in a great place to scrog.

Some people prefer to let the plant grow into the scrog a little before switching to flower- just something to consider.

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I think blueberrys flowering time is around 9 weeks.

Keep posting pictures of the progress! I bet I won’t be the only one looking in!!!
Happy growing

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She is going to be a flower goddess, all systems are go!

IMO I’d let her recover longer atlest 2 weeks. But that’s me.

I think with all your labor you’ve duplicated what a scrog would do for you. I see lots of growing points and each of those will be a cola. You might lower the SCROG and get everything to send some more side shoots up. Looks pretty crowded in there to me. Does your tent have more room horizontally? I can’t tell from the fisheye lens you used.

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Hi @1BigFella,

Actually it’s a 4x4 tent, so there should be plenty of room for my one (lonely) plant. :smile:.

Here’s some pictures from after the net has been lowered:

And, from underneath:

I’ll be going to ‘flower’ this weekend. Can’t wait to see her continue to grow horizontally…


You gots lots of room left.

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All you need is 30x / 60x Loupe. The one I linked there is $10.98

This is what I use, but I had to test my phone to be sure it would work.

I also mounted in on a tri-pod. I think it’s $42- right now and obviously the $11 Loupe will get the job done!


Whether you top again or not doesn’t really matter as long as you actually plan on training the plant into the net. It’s not needed. As you start to pull back your new growth, you’ll create budsites from the lower nodes on each branch.

That being said, I’d start training into the net soon. Once the net is 60-80% full flip them. Then continue to pull back and tuck for the first 10-14 days of stretch. That should put you at just about a full net by the time flowers start coming in.

I’ve only tried a scrog once, and I veged way too long. My plants outgrew the net, making it nothing but support for stems.

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